Inspiration to spec for Arena properly

At work today one of the orderlies who plays an alliance rogue on Jubei was telling me that he moved servers to play with one of the other orderlies who plays on Nagrand who plays a shadow priest and a mage.  He was telling me that the mage was awesome for arena - which after having 2 mages in my 5s team, I know can be pretty cool (look back at my previous post on 5v5 win).

He was saying to me how in 2s the other guy used his shadow priest to solo a rogue and a warrior.  I'm like... wut?  Shadow priests are the suck in arena (well from my point of view anyway - Sev usually deals with that aspect of it).

So then in a corridor conversation they were asking me about my arena and why I have such a lousy rating... which has inspired me to spec properly for arena.  I think I will have to dump my boomkin OS to do that, which is a shame because I really like using boomkin to do my dailies.

Oombulance has some good tips, I think I'll head over there and look at his spec.