Council down on 25 man!

With the amount of DC's happening yesterday I didn't think it was going to happen. 

Started off with Throne of the 4 winds, which went down easy.  I put Bel on Rohash and he said it was really easy.  I also found it quite easy when I healed it, and the two of us were giggling about how Melf said it was really hard, and only he could do it when actually it was quite simple to heal, just had to heal the falling damage that they got.  I was a bit retarded, I got stuck at the platform one attempt and then the second time I got pushed off.  I smacked myself in the head because I released on the kill and didn't get the valor points for it :(

We had bad connections with Fue, Shaba, Eb, Shady, Mazlakk.  Fue dropped out to get Fang in who basically dc'd the whole time too.  So he came back and we got it.

Poor Shaba managed to get online and we thought he was ready but he was outside the room when we pulled!  So he got locked out which was a bummer! Though that was on the second last attempt.

But on the kill, by some miraculous thing we managed to get through phase 1 with no deaths (a good sign!) and then got to phase 3 with all of the bosses reasonably down.  Phase 2 was quite good, people getting the hang of running out with their lightning rods.

Phase 3 drives me nuts, how the hell do you heal the tanks when there are people everywhere!  Approaching the tank was basically a recipe for death since you get chain lightninged to death.  But we managed to do it, I'm glad, and there was some leather caster gloves that dropped that Gemmira took (and she took an awesome offhand too).

Had a quick look at Cho'gall.  Geez, I think I need to read that up because it is seriously nuts.

Let's hope we can repeat that performance next week!