3v3 - I managed to res!

After raid yesterday thought we should try and do some 3s.  I was excited with my new arena spec and wanted to try it out some more so convinced Sev and Lushnek to do some 3s.

We actually went up about 40 points (best we got up was 55 but we lost the last game) compared to previously so that was pretty cool.

The last game was a druid/warlock/plate dps? (can't remember what it was!) where Sev died really early.  So they went all out attacking Lushnek so I tossed him a few heals and thought oh what the hell let me try and res Sev.  Funnily enough, I managed to get it off!  So the game lasted for AGES after that, and we got close on the druid a few times but he was pretty good and managed to get away and heal and mana up quite quickly.  They dedicated quite a bit of time trying to kill Lushnek, I healed the crap out of him but I was cc'd a lot unfortunately and in the end he succumbed.  And I was wondering where was the felpuppy... now I know, it was on Lushnek the whole time, no wonder I was able to heal so much!  That was the last game we played and we did lose quite a bit of rating there.  But it was a long match, and I like long matches.

My next goal is to try to get 1550 rating in 3s.  Looking forward to more pvp next week.