2v2 match - shaman/warlock

Yesterday me and Sev had a really long match with a shaman and warlock - lasting about 38 mins.  It was a pretty evenly matched as our ratings were very similar at the end.

It was tough - shaman never seemed to oom and mana tided a lot every cd I think.  And the warlock had his puppy out all the time so it was silencing me a lot.  Actually that probably helped my mana when I was silenced because I couldn't cast that much.

Sev swore lots when the other lock harvested soul and so he did it as well so that we had instant pets constantly.  After a while Sev was yelling at me to heal his pet more.  I have to say I am liking my new spec, the blooms from LB are really helping in pvp, and having the stacks being refreshed with nourish/regrowth/HT all the time did blow a bit.

I was trying to dps down the mana tide but I think next time I should just whirlwind the shaman so he can't get it.  Interestingly the shaman didn't purge any of my hots or my innervate though I did try to hide when I was innervating.