Council down!

Yesterday I had a horrible day raiding (we didn't have enough for 25 so we did 2 10s) and my group couldn't get past Throne, but the other group 1 shotted Council!

We did get close to it on Sunday though on 25 man.  If only that 1 dps hadn't been offline we woulda had it...

I have to admit though we were a bit low on dps (we had 4 healers) and two hadn't done it before so that wasn't great and multiple wipes later we had some dc's and called it.

So who was in the Council kililng group?

Tanks: Epidemais, Manbull
Healers: Beldarien, Shaimster, Biship
DPS: Lushnek, Xynzelle, Faithless, Azadelta, Twinkjr