Upgrades and Cataclysm Achievements

Well, first day all to ourselves yesterday with no kids so me and Hyad did a ton of heroics (I think we did 5 and one normal - Halls of Origination, Throne of Tides and Vortex Pinnacle twice, Blackrock, and Lost city normal).  And we did our quests as well.

The best part was I got some upgrades!

I got a ring (Kibble) and neck (Quicksilver amulet) from Blackrock, I got a relic (Captured lightning) from Vortex Pinnacle!  I did see it drop before on the first VP I did but Xarek took it, he'd been trying to get it for ages.

Managed to do some achievements too.  Did the Extra Credit Bonus stage in VP, and also did the Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls from Blackrock.

Now we decided also to do some mindless stuff yesterday so we helped Xarek get his Glory of the Hero and get his Red Protodrake.  One of the achievements we did was rather interesting.

He didn't have Amber Void, so we were going to do that.  But then Tacky decided to join and he didn't have any of the Voids (Amber, Emerald or Ruby Void) so for fun we thought we'd get off the drakes for the last boss and dps it down from the platform.

The first attempt was abyssmal, with me healing and the 2 pallies and Lushnek dpsing and Hyad tanking.  They couldn't reach him.  So for the next attempt we decided to have me and Lushnek boomkin and the 2 pallies healing and Hyad tanking.

And we did it!

I screenshotted Tacky's achievements so you could see that we did Ruby, Amber and Emerald void all together.  I thought that was a pretty cool achievement.