Our first Raid in cataclysm (excluding Baradin Hold)

5th January was the day of our first raid.  And we decided to go tackle Bastion of Twilight, in Twilight Highlands.

The first boss, Halfus Wyrmbreaker at first seemed impossible to heal.  And my limited understanding of the fight was: Here is Wyrmbreaker, with all these chained Drakes and a cage of whelps, and you talk to 2 of them and then you have to fight him and them!

On further scrutiny the only dragons I knew that they released was the Slate dragon, which makes Halfus do Malevolent strikes, a stacking debuff on tanks which causes them to take less healing, hence needing a tank swap.  And the other was Nether Scion which I have no idea what it did.

Healing the first few attempts was a nightmare.  Tanks dropped like flies and the cooldowns they blew did not help them at all.  The pull and first 20 seconds were heavy tank damage times from what I could tell.  By the time we did a successful attempt (or at least a positive attempt) I figured I should go tree in that part and then I could also go tree at the end as well, because the fight was long enough.

However, I was pleased that I managed to squeeze out some half decent healing with my funny spec (respecced for raid, but I am not sure I like it - took Moonglow and dropped NS and the rejuvenation talents).  We had 3 paladins healing the tanks (Bel, Schnaptim, McTacky) as well as 2 priests (Melf, Cymre) and 1 shaman (Targetme) in addition to myself.

I even got loot!  Wyrmbreaker's Amulet!  Melfina got Robes of the Burning Acolyte and Manbull got Malevolence, Epidemais got Book of Binding Will and Lacrox got a BOE drop (Heaving Plates of Protection) as well as Bracers of Impossible Strength.