Omnitron down 25 Man

This fight honestly looked like it was never going to get there.  4 golems, 2 of which are active at one time and then shutting down and the next golem becoming active seemed like a crazy run around nutcase fight.  But there was method in the madness and we managed to get it down.

I have to admit it took me a little while to understand which golem did what, especially arcanotron and electron, they seemed rather similar to me.  But I can talk about it now from a healing point of view now that I have gotten my head around it.

Magmatron is the fire one, and he does this flame AOE which smacks everyone in the room.  That part was healer heavy for me.  He also did the red line focus attack which causes a line of flames to damage heavily on one target and everyone has to get out of the red line or they will get flamed.  I used my tree form for this phase, and it was great throwing LB everywhere and using my free heals on everyone who needed the extra topups.  The best thing was that it was exactly 3 minutes between activations so everytime Magmatron was up I could go tree form!

Electron does the chain lightning.  Had to remind myself to spread out for that one.  Healing that wasn't too horrible, I just wish people would stand still so i didn't have to keep moving around to avoid the chained lightning.

Arcanotron put some pools on the ground that regenerate mana.  It was bad when Electron was up and we couldn't bunch up together, but I did try to stand in them as much as possible.  You just hope that the tank pulled him out of those blue pools on the ground otherwise there would be tons of damage.

Toxitron puts out poison clouds and then spawns adds which target people and then those targetted people have to kite the mobs around while people kill them.  It was pretty easy as long as I wasn't kiting.

I also did tank healing on Hyad to keep my LB up and free heals and with the shamans dropping Mana tide every time it was up, that helped a lot.  I didn't OOM much, though I did use my innervate every time it was up on myself as well as getting the Mana tide help.

The best thing was... I was in the top 2 healing for that fight.  Ahead of the priests!  Not sure why that was but that was the only fight I think a druid can do well in - with the constant moving and all my instants that was probably what did it.  According to my heal meter I was top, according to Beldarien's I was second.  Either way I was up there, and I was pretty damn proud of myself.