The last 5 points of Tailoring and Enchanting

Interestingly I had both my professions at 521 and had them maxed in a single session (2 separate sessions each profession that is) after struggling to get there... this is how I did it.

I have been enchanting everything onto scrolls.  I had a lot of cloak enchants for intellect and bracer enchants for spirit and glove enchants for expertise.  Then one day a guildie asked me for a weapon enchant and I had the recipe, and he flew all the way to Deepholm to get it, and when he got there, I realised I didn't have the Elementium Rod to be able to do it!  Just as I was about to send him away I realised I actually had the rod in the bank and hadn't done the enchant, so I got him to wait, and made my new rod which was worth 5 skillups (!!) and that pushed me over to 525.  So my suggestion is to wait till you get to 520 and then make your enchanting rod.

I had just made one of the pvp items (Emberfire boots?) and then someone was in trade channel asking to buy someone's cooldowns.  Now all my cooldowns except for the Hyjal one was up, so I said I could do them but I wouldn't be able to make the item until I had done the 4 cloth for them, as each dreamcloth made was a skill up for me.  The person wanted the belt, and they had the mats for almost 4 cloth, but I used some of my own water to make the dreamcloth.  So making the 4 dreamcloth with someone else's mats put me to 525 and then I went and bought the recipe they wanted and made their belt.  Which they then paid me 900g for (which covered the cost of my waters plus a tip for me) so that was a really great way to level my last few points of tailoring and I made money out of it too!