Glory of the Cataclysm Hero - Healing tips for each achievement

Arrested Development

Ascendant Descending
Lord Obsidius makes 3 shadows which are kited away by a ranged dps (warlock and mage have done it for me so far) so that he doesn't channel onto other people.  Every now and then the boss swaps with one of his shadows and then the tank has to grab the new boss and the old shadow gets taken away by the kiter.  Just make sure you keep dispels up on the kiter so he doesn't get slowed, but other than that it is an easy achievement.

Prince of Tides

No Static at All

Kill it with Fire!
In the 2nd phase of High prophet Barim the phoenix leaves some flame trails and then soul fragments from one of the players forms and moves towards the phoenix to heal it.  If you kite the fragments through the flames they turn into burning souls and then they will die.  Healing it is a bitch I found if people are all over the place, tree form with my multi person LBs and then using my regrowth on every clearcasting proc was very effective.  Ranged stack together is best too, hard with the melee I think as they're busy dpsing the dark phoenix.  We accidentally got this achievement.
Headed South

Straw that Broke the Camel's back
Mounting the camel during this fight allows you to run and cast.  All you have to do is not get hit by Earthspike or Quicksand during this fight and you'll get the achievement.  Healing wise being on a camel is great because you can run while casting.  Just be aware of your surroundings.  During the adds phase (when Ptah is submerged) just make sure you run to where people are with your adds so they can kill them.

Faster than The Speed of Light

Ready for Raiding

Prototype Prodigy
The prototype reaper needs to go down and hit the molten slag (?) adds that spawn at the bottom.  Since the reaper is immune to fire damage it shouldn't take any damage and the 1-1-2 rotation works nicely to keep the adds stunned and then killed to make sure they don't get up to the rest of the group who are up the top fighting with the boss.  The Foe Reaper does do damage to it though so don't let it get hit by that during the enounter.

I'm on a Diet
Cookie throws good and bad food in his encounter on the ground.  The idea is to eat a good food followed by a bad food.  Just get the tank to do this while you are healing (I tried to do it when I was healing and I stuffed up and ate 2 bad foods in a row), so this is actually quite an easy achievement to do. The tank may eat a few bad foods in which case they'll need a bit of healing.

Pardon Denied

Bullet Time

Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls
Did this with a mage.  Adds spawn after quake, run them to the tank who is tanking the boss, and then when the boss is about to do his Skullcracker ability, frost nova them in place and run away from the chains before he Skullcrackers you!  Healing a bit more intensive when adds are out, but a nicely placed Efflorescence and WG during that phase gets you through it easily.  Do that twice and you should get all the adds.
Too Hot to Handle

Old Faithful

Rotten to the Core

Extra Credit Bonus Stage
This was very easy.  2 of the orbs are easy to get - they're near the 2 aoe orbs on a bridge that blow you away.  There are 2 with the second boss that you use the whirlwinds to get (we got both of those) and there are a few later on which you can simply jump off and get.  I read that there are about 8 or 9 you can get so this is an easy achievement.

Acrocalypse Now

I Hate that Song

Sun of a...

Umbrage for Umbriss

Rat Pack

It's Frost Damage

Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator

To The Ground!

Don't Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet