Resto druid 85 ilevel359 gear in Cataclysm

There are lots of posts and blogs about gear pre-raid from heroics, but what should a simple resto druid be trying to get from raids?

Here's a list of gear that I aim to get from raids/valor points/reputation

Head - (BWD) Atramedes Helm of  the Blind Seer
Neck - (BWD) Magmaw Wyrmbreaker's Amulet (got this)
Back - (BWD) Omnotron Drape of the Twins (got this)
         - 1250 VP Heavenly Breeze
Chest - (BWD) Magmaw Scorched Wormling Vest
Shoulders - (BWD) Omnotron Passive Resistor Spaulders (got this)
Belt - (Dragonmaw Clan Exalted) Withered Dream Belt (got this)
Wrist - (BWD) Chimaeron Manacles of the Sleeping Beast
Feet - (BoT) Cho'gall Treads of Hideous Transformation
        - 1650 VP Fading Violet Sandals (got this)
Finger - (BWD) Omnotron Security Measure Alpha (got this)
          - (BoT) Cho'gall Signet of the Fifth Circle
          - 1250 VP Band of Secret Names (got this)
          - 1250 VP Twined Band of Flowers
Trinket - (BWD) Maloriak Jar of Ancient Remedies (got this)
            - (BoT) Cho'gall Fall of Mortality
           - VP Core of Ripeness
Weapon - (BoT) Trash Chelley's Staff of Dark Mending (got this)
Relic - VP 700 Relic of Eonar
        - VP 700 Relic of Norgannon