Celebrating our not-so-Amateur-Azerothian

The moment had come - I was going to meet my blog buddies pixel to pixel!  Karazhan was JD's entree to his main course of ICC tonight, and he was doing that Horde side so I could come.  ICC was an Alliance affair and I was pleased that I got to have a slice of JD's farewell cake!  After all, what better way to do your last day in WoW than with friends you never met, right? :D

In case you couldn't tell, that big manly cow is JD.  Saintvache does mean holy cow!
 I had no idea who was coming - I knew that JD (on Saintvache), Ancient (on Sasche), and Effraeti (on Vaadaree)  would be there.  But when I turned up, I was pleasantly surprised to see more familiar and very welcome faces!

First up, I was thrilled to see Euphyley!  I thought she had all Alliance toons from memory, and I had commented as such on her blog:
... I know you can't Ironstevo but how about another alt?
If I had read her reply I would have known she had this warrior lying around - and not a shred of pink in sight!  Or any pet flamingos!
Oh I'll be there!!! I absolutely LOVE Kara! <3 I'm going to bring the first toon I ever made - the original undead Euphyley, who is still conveniently stuck at level 70. The last time I played her I was tanking Kara for my guild at the time. That place brings back some amazing memories. ^-^
- Euphyley
So that was awesome and Euphy was really excited to be there - she really DID seem to love Kara!

My second surprise was Karegina, author of the Reluctant Raider.  Firstly not only is she a classy tauren, but she had some excellent mog gear choices!  I felt like I was looking at my twin!  I felt like I was copying HER actually, since I had only just mogged this last night.  I was honoured, and blown away!  Imitation is the best form of flattery is it not?  I certainly hope she thought I was flattering her :)

And my third surprise (and I was so thrilled I actually let out a yelp IRL) was to see Kamalia.  I didn't know she was coming!  But now I felt like it was a cowfest as JD's Mooadin Saintvache was running the show :)  5 Taurens!  4 of which were female :)

And this (left) was Kaylira, from Blog of the Treant,  whose transmog was my favourite in Round 1 of Mog Madness (As well as being the winner with the highest score for Round 1). It was a genuine pleasure to meet her!  Anybody who plays a druid healer must be cool - but I realised who she was after I saw the outfit.  Some mogs just stick in your head.

A few I didn't know but recognised the names from JD's blog - one was Jai, of  Glyph of Jai, who was playing their hunter, Earthrose.  Paliclaus was someone else I didn't know (but judging from the guild name, it was a guildie - though from what I could gather, it wasn't Mrs Amateur) and I didn't get the chance to introduce myself.

So here we were getting ready to start the night.  Or rather, morning for me.

And almost right on the dot at 10am Sydney time (1 hour later), here was us at the end of the night.

With the exception of Nightbane, almost every boss died in less than 15 seconds.  Or so it felt.  I think Shade of Aran may have lasted a whole 3 seconds.  The fights were so quick I only frapsed a few, so I think I might be able to make a 30 second video of JD's last night.  When I get the time :)

So that was fun, and Ancient was very shy and quiet, so I made her stand with me and take more pics.  I like this picture the best because it looks like her fel puppy is cuddling up to me and I've got a firm grip on its horns.  At least she didn't have to worry about stuffing anything up - nothing was alive long enough to really stuff up on!  The only close moment we had was Euphy got exploded on and went to 75% health - I was thinking gosh, if she died, how bad would I feel!


  1. Can't wait until I'm not sleepy to write up our good fun tonight, too - so much fun

    1. @Matty - Look forward to reading it - wish I could have been there! That JD sure knows how to hold a party.

  2. XD It was so fun to see you, Navi! I kind of decided to come at almost the last minute -- I had RealID disabled until yesterday, and when I logged on tonight, I had to ask in guild chat how to add a RealID friend. JD invited me to the raid less than a minute after I'd finally figured out how to send him that RealID friend request :P
    The whole event was lots of fun, and, as Euphyley suggested, we should definitely do something similar again! (If it's Kara, I'm doing it in my real T4, not my transmogrified T12!)

    1. Be careful what you wish for... ;)

    2. @Kamalia - That would be awesome! It makes me think perhaps I should work on getting an alliance toon to some raiding level of some sort :)

  3. Paliclaus is Reluctant Raider's husband. They're both in Saintvache's guild. :)

    Mrs. Amateur missed the run, giving a bath to the baby. Which, worked out because we were full just the same (not sure how that happened).

    Thanks for the kind words. Wish you could've made Arthas for the actual conversation that followed. Instead, I'll merely advise you drop by and visit your favourite Amateur. ;)

    1. @JD - Oh my! If I had looked carefully I would have realised that Karegina was in Myth as well! But I think I was so overwhelmed (and also to take pics I turned all guild names and pet names off to make my screen less cluttered after about trying to take a few screenshots. Thanks for the great fun!

  4. That looked like a lot of fun.
    I'm sorry I missed it but there was a clash of events for me today...
    Glad JD went out with a bang! :)

  5. Actually, there was one fight that took far longer than 15 seconds Navi. ;) It was that dreadfully difficult chess boss! Remember how intense it was!? We almost didn't down him! Hehe that was actually the highlight of the run for me. I haven't done that with 10 people in like...4 years!

    Well let me correct myself there, the real highlight was finally 'meeting' some of my favorite bloggers! =D I may just have to keep Real ID enabled if we do something like this again. (Which we totally should do!)

  6. LOL! That is so funny, it's the first thing I saw when I looked at my screen shots, you had my Minion and my pet chicken liked Kamalia better than me!

    Was so great to be together with everyone in pixels!

  7. I had a really great time with this. I giggled and got to spend time with people outside of twitter :D

  8. @Cymre - well, a birthday is pretty important /wink :)
    @Euphy - Yes, that's right! You know I was worried that he was going to die! I forgot to mention how you guys all made me laugh by running to the alliance chess pieces :) And I would love to hang out with my blog buddies again :D
    @TotA - LOL I saw your post :) I didn't even notice your chicken liking Kamalia until then.
    @Karegina - It was lovely to meet you and I was fanstruck for a little bit :D


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