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Sick of your appearance?  Longing for a change, but only temporarily?  This post is part of the series Mog My Mug - Items which change your Appearance.  Commissioned by Ayelena.


There are a multitude of items which are not items you wear (Trinkets and Weapons are in a previous post) but just keep in your bags to mog your mug with.  The downside is that they take up bag space.  Have a look at this selection and see if any are to your liking!

Blessing of the Old God
One of the Nerubian rare artifacts in Archaeology, this turns you into a Green Battle Tank Qiraji for 20 seconds.  And it changes your name too!  Cymre's post here.

Leyara's Locket
The quest chain for this locket starts when you complete the achievement for doing the Leyara quests in Hyjal (Legacy of Leyara).  The item comes in the mail and starts a new quest chain, and at the end you receive the locket.  It turns you into a Druid of the Flame (same sex as what you are now).

Carved Ogre Idol
This turns you into a red ogre for 10 minutes.  It comes from the WoW TCG so you'll have to get it off Ebay or one of those Trading Card places.

Iron Boot Flask
This turns you into a male iron dwarf.  One of those gender changing items - take this then Leyara's locket or Orb of the Sindorei and you can become the opposite sex.  Also throws out electrical charges occasionally - cool!  You can get one of these by collecting 10 Relic of Ulduar and handing them in to Olut Alegut (Rork Sharpchin if you're Alliance) in Storm Peaks. Cymre's post here.

Kalytha's Haunted Locket
This item turns you into a ghostly Night Elf.  You can buy this item from Tex Vertacoil in Azshara for a whopping 5k gold.  Fun because it has a 30 minute duration and a 15 minute CD so you could use it all the time. Cymre's post here.

Orb of the Sin'dorei
Disguises you as a blood elf.  This item drops off the bosses in Magister's Terrace.  Doesn't do much to you if you already ARE a blood elf - might change your hairstyle though... Cymre's post here.

Frenzyheart Brew
Turns you into a Wolvar.  It comes from the Disgusting Jar, which you have to be revered with Frenzyheart to get.  Takes 3 days to mature into something, and there is a 20-25% chance that the Frenzyheart Brew will be inside.

Wisp Amulet
Turns you into a wisp for 20 seconds.  One of the rare Nightelf archaeology artifacts.  I think it's funny how it actually changes your name to Wisp as well.  Cymre's post here.

Stave of Fur and Claw
Transforms you into a Furlborg.  To buy this you need exalted reputation with Timbermaw and then you can go to Meilosh in Felwood and buy it. Cymre's written a little more on it here.

Winter Veil Disguise Kit
A gift from Great Father Winter, needs a snowball to activate it.  You can't move once you use it though, so not that great unless you're just bumming around.

Bones of Transformation
Transforms you into a Naga.  It's cool because your wepaons are still visible when you use this transformation too.  One of the rare Nightelf archaeology artifacts. Cymre's post here.

Muradin's Favor
One of the items that you get from the cache of goodies (Unsealed chest) from Lich King when you kill him wielding Shadowmourne for the first time on 25 man, this turns you into a Frost Dwarf.  So complete your legendary and then do Lich King, or make friends with someone who is going to do it.

Darkspear Pride
Thanks Mab for pointing this one out!  This item transforms you into a Darkspear Warrior for 30 minutes.  It's no longer available in game.  It was a quest reward from Dance of De Spirits, part of a limited time quest chain just prior to Cataclysm release where Vol'jin and the Darkspear trolls were trying to take Echo Isles from Zalazane.

If there are any I've missed, leave a comment and I'll go add it in. Stay tuned for the next post in the series - Clothing.

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  1. I always have Leyara's Locket in my bags, but I'd never heard of the Iron Boot Flask! I'm going to pick one of those up next time I'm over in Northrend. Thanks for these posts, they're really interesting :)

  2. @Aralosseien - Thanks :) There are still a few more posts in the series coming :)

  3. Hey Navi, There's Orb of Deception which was a drop from Strat I think, turns you into the opposite faction for 30mins, Darkspear Pride that turns you into a Darkspear Warrior, and one I like atm is the Lifegiving Seed herb drop that turns you into a herb (and heals/mana up). The herb is random (Or I suspect related to the zone you are in when you pop it).

    Let me know if you want screenies.

    1. I've actually got it on the previous post Mab - the one about trinkets! I have some pics there of it.

    2. Sure, but you haven't got the other two I mentioned AFAIK.

    3. I forgot the pride actually! Will add it. But lifegiving seed is in the next post in the series - consumables.

  4. There's also the Super Simian Sphere that is a random drop off anything in Northrend.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I actually have that under the previous post in the series - Trinkets :)

  5. Brilliant article, I've been exalted with Timbermaw Hold since TBC (before the flood of buffs to rep gain, of course...) and I never knew about that transformation item. I guess they needed a replacement for Dartol's Rod.
    You also missed the Time-Lost Figurine which lets you transform into an Arakkoa. Great item, but quite the pain to get!

  6. Hi Everyone Thanks for the comments! I've got all those things in the previous post in the series - Mog your Mug - Trinkets. Link to it is here

  7. Nice job on the two 'Mog Your Mug' posts. Look forward to the next one about consumables :)

    1. Oh and thx again for the referral links :D

  8. Hmm can't find it here - I tried to post this for you the other day - the Orb of the Black Whelp is a 3 charge item, so it probably should be on this page! I first found out about these from a lvl 70 hunter on Dath'Remar a zillion years ago

  9. oh cool! I don't have that one. Will go try and get it!


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