WoW Newbie Blogger Link Love #2 - ok THIS is my last #MMONBI post (for real)

I hate a job half finished.  I was halfway through doing my link love of the newbie blogs when that it had to change to June and ruin my whole plan of going out with a big finale.  Oh well.  I did try!

However, I have to finish this link thing for completion.  Must.. let... everyone... see... the.. best of... these .... new blogs...

Goetia's Letters has some fascinating reads - firstly, I like her because she wrote some FASCINATING things about herself!  She is 10 types of cool!  She loves tattoos (I do too) and boy does she have some amazing ones; she is a biologist who studies insects (OMG, that's so smart sounding I am so impressed by people who do research); and, this is not so cool, but interesting to ME, is that she has Rheumatoid Arthritis, and has some quite disabling problems with it.  The C-spine Xray she showed is impressive to anyone with the wires and the screws there - but more of interest to ME is that in my career I have never met anyone with C1/2 subluxation which is what anaesthetists learn about in terms of complications with Rheumatoid arthritis that makes their airway difficult.  So from a professional point of view, that really interests me.  Her Xray would be a great one to use in a practice exam.  I'll have to ask her if I can use it (removing her name, of course, for privacy).  But I digress, there are WoW things to read, and her 2 posts about What she would change about WoW are good reads, and makes you think what you would like to change.

Image Heavy's last post for May, is about creepy places in Eastern Plaguelands.  Some amazing hauntingly beautiful but eerie shots there! /shivers I'm a big wuss, I get scared of all sorts of things, so reading what they said about scary places makes me realise maybe I'm not the only wussy one out there.

Jezi, the author of Big Numbers, is just starting out, and has written a "resume" of sorts for herself on her blog.  Another female player, it's hard to gauge what her raiding is like.  But in her resume, I did like this comment about the culture of a guild she's looking for:
A decent number of other female raiders. Don’t mind being around mostly guys, but I don’t want to be The Girl. Also an understanding that even casual “joking” sexism can sometimes go too far.
This could start that whole sexism thing again.  Fortunately for me, my guild is mature, and we don't have that ridiculous problem.  Though I know the boys would love to have more hot girls around :P  They are after all... boys.  But how can you tell who is hot by their playstyle or the sound of their voice?  Bleh I shouldn't go into this, all sorts of trouble can start.

The Not so New Noob Blog has SUCH a funny URL, that it took me ages to figure out how to pronounce thenotsonewnoob.  Ok, you all cheated, because I typed it out for you earlier, try that when you see it for the first time!  Anyway, she listens to the TNB and she makes nice comments about the people being interviewed, so that was nice to read (she like Ancient, so she must be awesome!)

Battlemastered made me do a double take - is that a REAL achievement?  In his post, 5 reasons to PvP before MoP, I half thought it was real, but I THINK it's not!  But it's funny though!  How do you make money PvPing?  If you could, then Aza would be rich... and he's not rich.
If it was a real achievement, it's PRETTY DAMN COOL!

Auction House on Farm is an gold making site, but I can't read these money making things.  I can't even read them in real life, let alone in game.  Though, their Flipping Gold post is not a bad read.  About buying stuff low and selling it high, relisting etc.

Fivequarters writes Argus or Bust - is that talking about the The Last Relic of Argus?  Anyway, one of the things I liked in particular on their site was they commissioned a portrait of their toon - something I love doing, and am STILL waiting for, and cannot wait to share with all my readers and guildies when it finally gets done!!!

Warcraft St, I thought initially was something to do with Sesame Street... OK, I have small children, so that's where my brain seems to be half the time these days... but it's actually a pun on Wall street.  This is a gold making blog as well!  And like all good gold makers, they had this advice on Rule #0 How Could I Forget - GET THEE AN AUTHENTICATOR.  Yes, I need to do that.  This is my 5th reminder...

Unwavering Sentinel's most stand out post that I read was The LFD tool... is a necessity.  Despite all the hate and gripe and trolls, LFD/LFR are great tools to allow more people to play with each other, reduce wait times, and allow single play.  It was a good move financially for Blizzard, and prolonged the life of this game.  Beg to differ?  Well, it's my opinion and I think Zellviren hit the nail on the head.

Bad Tauren is a misnomer of a blog name.  Is there such a thing?  Unless they mean Badass Tauren as opposed to Taurens are bad.  Taurens are awesome.  I should know, I am one.  Anyway, Bad Tauren has a funny post about off tanking.  Easy to read, just the kind of thing I need when I'm learning to tank.

Musings of an altoholic was cute in that they went onto Twitter and discovered the craziness that ensues when you have a follow, start following people and then have pages and pages of tweets to read.

Maruka of Neurotic Girl writes something that really is interesting- Personas: Real vs gaming.  I disagreed at first and posted as such, but as I think about it, I do have different personas.  Well, it's not exactly DIFFERENT, but I do separate them.  I thought that she was talking about hiding your gaming from your friends, and stuff, but it isn't.  My blog is very WoW related, and I do put a bit of real life in it from time to time, but I don't put any pictures of myself or my family in it.   I am very relucant to put any pictures of myself online really.  It's interesting that I am not the only one.  In this day and age of Facebook and telling everyone everything you're doing (and even total strangers could read it) is just a bit much for me.  I don't mind if people know what I'm doing in WoW though.  That's why I wrote a blog about WoW.

Geo's Ironman Challenge is a blog exactly about that - their adventures through the Ironman challenge.  I like it, it's cute!  I guess I would be doing the same thing if I was doing it properly and I hope to be able to grats them on their completion.

Scattered Thoughts really is a blog about scattered thoughts!  There is a lot on D3 at the moment (so it's not hard to guess what they're playing at the moment).  There was one post that had an interesting comment, and I thought I'd quote it:
First off, I love WoW, but the people that want to leave that game to come play D3 and try to apply their expectations of WoW to D3 need to go f*** off.  Its not the same game, stop expecting it to be.
People are funny like that.   It's like they're sick of WoW and go play something else and then whinge it's not WoW.  Well, if you want to play WoW, go play it right?  I just have to say, though, there is NO game like WoW.  I love WoW.

Gnomegates has been getting readers by holding competitions - always a great way to pull people in!  I don't know about those ads that pop up - "hot" Filo girls, click here!  OMG, sometimes ads freak me out.  I thought they were supposed to be on what I read?  Or is it more related to the blog?  Anyway, I don't know if there was anything about hot Filopino girls in the blog... but anyway.  Their latest competition is to win Bananas the pet (Loot card).  Enter for your chance to win!

Renai Hunter is a blog about the adventures of Sylenn, an alliance hunter on Wyrmrest Accord.  Another one of those realms full of bloggers!  My dear friend Effy is on that realm and she has a list of guildies who blog as well.  I like their Day 2 screenshot, with the cat in the foreground.  That dwarf abode seems rather hospitable, for Arathi Highlands.

Well, that's all the Newbie WoW blogs in a wrap!  I hope I did them all justice.  So meet a new blogger, find some new reads, and hope that you all have a good weekend!


  1. Oh wow, thanks Navi, I had missed some of these!

  2. @TotA - see why I can't get anything done? Too much to read!
    @cymre - imagine the two lists combined!

  3. Thanks so much for your great intro posts for these bloggers this month! Not only was it just a nice thing to promote them, but the fact that you read and summarized each one made me more interested in checking them out! (You helped me overcome tl;dr hehe)

  4. @redcow - I am glad I could help you check them out!

  5. Thanks for the mention! And the title has to do with either (1) an RP joke about how all the Draenei might not mind going back to (pre-Legion) Argus or (2) how I would die for an Argus-full expack! -And- that I only play Draenei (mostly. I have one human!)

  6. Great posts, Navi, and thank you SO MUCH for participating in the challenges! :-D

  7. @fivequarters - you're welcome and TY for visiting my blog! Ah a draenei lover, I should have guessed!
    @battlechicken - TY for the great challenges and introducing me to all these people :)


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