WoW Newbie blogger link love - My last #MMONBI post

There is so much to read this month with the Newbie Blogger Initiative that I don't think I've had any time to read A Dance With Dragons.  Tyrion, Daenarys and Samwise will just have to wait while I read all these fascinating things these new bloggers have to say.

I find myself reliving Cataclsym as I read through why Justright of Not Too Heavy thought T11 was the best.  The tier was over 3 instances and he said funny things (like calling Argaloth a loot pinata, and saying "Chimmy" was his favourite boss in terms of mechanics).  Interesting a ret pally would say that.  As a healer that fight gave me the $%#@s and I never felt like my heals were fast enough to top everyone up.  That was my least favourite fight in T11.  My favourite fight in T11 was Nefarian - well, I have great memories of our first kill.  I remember Roshii was there, Hwired too.  I remember jumping platforms and the feeling of pride when I finally figured out how to get on the stupid pillar things!!!

Kalc of Unliving a Death Knight talked about what a DK tastes like... dirty thoughts come to mind, when you read that, and considering the only DK I know well is Hwired... well, it's just getting worse, so I'd better stop before both feet are stuck in my mouth.  Reading the beta, it's too hard for me to understand a DK, so no wonder Hwired wants to go priest for a bit.  I started thinking about the FLAVOURS of each class and thought it's too embarrassingly dirty to talk about taste, so I think I'll talk about what each class SMELLS like:
  • Warrior - Sweat and blood
  • Paladin - Roses and shoe polish
  • Mages - Freshly baked cookies and lemonade
  • Warlocks- Sulfur and smoke
  • Druids - Freshly mown grass on a fur coat
  • Death Knight - Mildew and dirt
  • Shaman - Sparkling mineral water
  • Rogue - Cold steel and leather
  • Hunter - Gunpowder in a stable
  • Priest - Beeswax candles
Death Stomp writes about his small guild, and people coming and going without saying a word.  His guild, like his blog, is young, and he shows his frustration with people not trying to make the World (of Warcraft) a better place, by letting people know how the guild can improve or why they leave a guild.
... many people don’t care about being courteous or their reputation in the game... attitude in the game these days of unhelpfulness and what can you do for me instead of let me be helpful and help out the community as a whole... we are seeing these attitudes because of how easy it is to change realms and your toon name and just start over...  once, guild hopping was generally frowned upon... these days it seems no one really cares and it’s all a numbers game...
This is interesting as this does reflect the me me me attitude - you see it in LFR, guild hopping, battlegrounds, dungeons.  But I don't know if this is a problem in GAME per se, I think that society as a whole, outside of World of warcraft is heading this way as well.

Those Goblins at That was an Accident, wrote a hilarious post about something I desperately need for Heroic: Warmaster Blackhorn - Dammitol, the pill for people who fail.  You have to read it and laugh.  It was sheer genius :)

World's End Tavern wrote a post about Towel Day, which was part of Geek Pride Day, and he goes on to explain all about it.  It's pretty cool, if you didn't know it was related to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  But I knew that :P but didn't elaborate as I was not a big fan of that book.  OK, so shoot me.

Altaclysmic writes a lot about music, but he did have one cool post titled Resistance is Futile.  How can a trekkie like me ignore that post?  Though this is no trek post, it talks about something I was thinking about, which is skilling up using Darkmoon Faire - especially for those elusive last 5 points.  Which reminds me, I should be collecting things to level my professions... but I'm too lazy.  Godmother and JD also said we should be doing this, and I still haven't gotten my ass into gear.

Raiding and Diminishing returns was the clever title of this post by Dreadblade.  It is SO true.  I really like how he used the term "reset the fun" to make him enjoy raiding again - such as switching games, PVP, soloing old content or writing a blog post.  There seem to be a lot of DK blogs coming out this month.

Asherrylie of Priest All the Things is writing/starting a blog for the 3rd or 4th time.  I wonder why?  Maybe I'll ask her what happened all those other times.  It looks like she was encouraged by the NBI to start writing again.

Elunamakata of Healing Mains is one busy bee.  I see her comments on a lot of these blogs I've visited.  I really like her post Real life, who has one? as she said this:
...why the stigma for having a hobby that isn’t necessarily the same as someone else?
It always bugs me when people say I am wasting my time, but I'm happy, and I'm not addicted, exactly.  Watching TV and knitting is ok as a hobby but game playing is not?  Football and drinking and partying every night of the weekend is having a life but raiding with your mates in WoW is not?  Big thumbs up to Elunamakata!

Neri Approves wrote about the items that change your appearance - if my long time readers remember, I did a whole series on that.  I like how she made 2 posts - things which are easy to get, and things which are hard to get.

Ninevi of Flask Half Empty has something freaky - her Ironman toon looks like Navimie!  But the best thing about Ninevi is that she has a druid main.  I like people with druid mains :)  OMG her name even has a similar sound to mine!  I like her already :)

Damn, it's midnight! And now it is no longer May, so I will have to post now and finish the rest tomorrow. I can always say it is still May in the US :)


  1. I have to disagree with you regarding what paladins smell like.

    I, for one, smell like cinnamon rolls and a bit of soot (from the burning of all the corpses of undead monstrosities, you see. We paladins must clean up after ourselves.)

  2. but...i'm allergic to grass..and dander...maybe I should pick a new main.

    thanks for linking to my post about real lives :D I always hate to hear someone say "well I have a life outside of the game" I want to reply back every time "and I don't?"

  3. Oh, I love the class smells you listed - I think the lock and rogue descriptions are spot on! I always imagined a salty-metallic feel when playing my rogue, too.

    Thank you for the linkage and kind words, Navimie! :) A bit of sad news though, my Ironman toon met her demise when she was ganked by two Bristleboar hunters and their wolves. I shall have to reroll her again...perhaps as a different class this time, but I do love that particular Tauren model. As for our names and likenesses -- perhaps we are long lost twins from a past life! :)

  4. @Hyperious - cinnamon rolls! I think someone has been eating too much mage food :D I think knights in shining armour, crusaders, and thus the shiny polished metal and gallant smell of roses... :P And TY for visiting, it's an honour!
    @Elunamakata - you're welcome, that was a good post! And TY for coming to visit :)

  5. I can't believe you have had time to read all these articles! and summarise them!

    I have had hard enough time keeping up with just the 15 or so estrblished blogs, let alone all the amaxing new ones that have come up, so kudos to you.

    Not sure how much self advertising is allowed here but thank you for liking my writing style :P and stay tuned for more ret-pally inspired thoughts

  6. @Ninevi - Hello there my twin :D Oh I'm sorry to hear about your tauren :( but I hope you have better luck the next time around :) And ty for dropping by my site :)
    @nottooheavy - Hello Justright! Ty for visiting :) The worst part of this post is I only got half of them out before midnight ticked on May 31 Aussie time so I have to write the other half of the list now :)

  7. I'm going to have to hang out with more mages...

    "Excuse me, may I have some conjured food? And, if I may be so bold, a sniff?" >.>


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