Achievement: Scourge of Zem'lan

Zem'lan is a port in Vol'dun in the southwest, where there a whoel bunch of skellie pirates. The achievement, Scourge of Zem'lan, requires you to pick up 3 buff items and run around killing pirates with Ol' Bonebite, who spawns after you have all 3 buffs. Each buff lasts 10 minutes, so get them quick!

The map spawn on the floor or on walls - Wowhead had some spawn locations. Hats were around on boxes, and the drink was everywhere!

Anyway, you can see Ol' Bonebite here with me as I killed my last skellie - thanks to HK again for being dragged around to my achievement (which he got as well) but at least with him around I could kill stuff a lot faster!


  1. now that coffee is back we will be online for 2 weeks before we run off again.
    thanks for the walkthrough on this achieve :-) <3

    1. Well this lull is a good time to do cheeves!


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