PvP - How War Mode makes PvP Fridays more interesting

Well, it just turns us into dreadful trolls, really. War Mode, that is.

I may like my PvP but I have no desire to be War Mode-ing all the time. I have limited time to get my world quests done and I want them done in peace, not being mobbed by people. However, if I'm roaming around in War Mode, then of course I realise that it's an accepted risk and I'll accept my fate if I get ganked.

So, on PvP Friday we decided to hang around in War Mode whilst waiting for BG queues to pop. Doing world quests in a group and then attacking alliance added a little bit of extra icing to the PvP cake.

The new way of capping conquest is interesting - just reaching the 500 conquest caps gets you a cool gear of some sort (this week it was a 345 weapon). It's reinvigorated the large PvP battlegrounds (labelled as epic BGs) such as AV and Isle of Conquest (which is fantastic - now I can be more encouraged to work on my wins in those big BGs).  Your first random epic BG win is worth 65 conquest (once per week), and your first random BG win is worth 40 conquest (which you can do every day). The first win of the brawl is worth 40 conquest as well (and you can get some extra conquest from handing in the quest for winning a brawl). Arena 3v3 is worth 50 for the first win then 35 for the subsequent wins.In our group of 5 we got some good wins and later in the week I did some arenas as well.

I had been having a rather miserable weekend (some viral illness - maybe mild influenza) because I was plagued with fevers and aches and cough and had to cut my Friday and Saturday fun times short because I had to sleep and rest. However, on Sunday I was feeling a lot better and I wanted to play with my friends, so we went over to Kul Tiras in War Mode and then ran around killing alliance everywhere. I did feel some twinges of guilt - Mesa and Krygore were being amazing (yet dreadful) by clever usage of their ring of peace to prevent alliance from escaping (and one time even putting it on top of the Tortollan World Quest so people coudn't phase by talking to the guy). Kry, Mesa and Galestion all maanged to get Alliance Slayer as well because we killed so many things! However, it had to come to an end eventually, because we killed people so many times and chased them down that eventually we were near an Alliance town and they all grouped up together and slaughtered us. At least they were organised enough to kill me first - then taking down the others was a piece of cake.

The good thing is that there is an achievement for killing alliance in War Mode. At least that's a good reason to go around murdering innocent questers....