"Goodbye Legion" by Frostwolves in screenshots

It's the last night before Battle for Azeroth, and there are so many people online doing last minute things, talking about getting ready for levelling tomorrow.

I thought that I'd ask my guildies to send me a pic that reminds them of Legion - maybe the best part, or the worst, or just something that will remind them of Legion. I pretty much browbeat them all into doing it, but here are some pics (in no particular order)!

Nightbane and Karazhan. Trust Coffee to have a picture done by Spanky. I think he takes all the screenshots and she just stands around looking pretty.
"Legion wasn't really that good for me. I wanted a picture with my new guild and people I've chatted to - Gen, Ram, Fin, Navi and Krygore." Hmm. He really should work on his screenshot skills. But it's the thought that counts. And kinda cool to include me in the pic #browniepoints
"Doing PvP towers with Rehgar Earthfury constantly talking." I wonder if Rehgar yells as much as Broll does... "I am Nature's Rage! Do not cross Nature's Guardians!" 
"Sums up my memory of Legion! I died to get that screenshot too! My memory of legion is the gazillion times I trid to get THAT chest in the underbelly LOL"
"My favourite peaceful spot, away from all the non-druids :) I can still pretend I'm a night elf in here :P"
"Koda with Koda Steelclaw". I remember pretty much everyone in the guild saying "KODA YOU'RE IN LEGION!!!"

Krygore/Vorkrack sent me 2 pics. One was in the shaman class hall, and the other was this statue in Stormheim. 
Kyere's favourite transmog
"On the bridge"
"I can't think of anything!" Well, this is better than nothing :)
Considering the two of them met and started dating in Legion, it's unsurpising that they have couples pics. I guess I"ll allow them two pics. This is FelEurie and FelSev.
But this pic is really NAAWWWWWWW :D

That Spanky. I've got the warm fuzzies from him saying this defined Legion. Joining Frostwolves.
"I think Warframe with Argus sums it up"
"Starting the hidden quest that unlocked the WQ on Eye of Azshara for the mount/pet. The whole of Legion Navi dragged me around doing these hidden secret things that she couldn't even find half the time, I had to do it."
"I have a serious submission for a screenshot that reminds me of Legion. The time Frostwolves got together and did this." Wow, Splatz, that's a real tearjerker. Miss ya Xyn.
"Make sure this pic is in wherever you're putting it up." Of course, Spoon would put up something that pokes fun at Galestion (how the hell did he get that death pose, it's absolutely hilarious, great screenshot Spoon)
"That's mine." HAHAHAA poor Tye, he never got his tier hat.
"A Day of raiding". The funniest thing about this picture is that Ultra is dead and somehow GENOWEN is alive...
Fin, as usual, didn't have much to say. But at least he sent a pic.
"My fave boss"
"Camping people whilst doing World PvP" Man. such trolls!
Argus in the background and me flying. I am not sure if I have the inky black potion on for this screenshot. To me, Legion was about druids being together and smacking demons. 
All those good things about Legion, hard to capture in a screenshot. Mythic Plus. Alliance and Horde working together. Seeing all druids in one spot! The hidden quests and secret stuff was pretty cool this expansion! So many to do, and I still haven't done them all yet. And yes, this is the expansion we lost 2 dear friends, but I think they would both be glad that we are still playing the game that we met them in, looking forward to our next adventure.

Goodbye Legion. Battle for Azeroth, we'll see you in just under 8 hours!


  1. I found this post so sweet! I love how your guild feels like a family.
    Losing friends is always hard. It's been a year since someone I played with in Final Fantasy XI and then XIV passed away (to think I had met her nearly 10 years ago). Remembering them keeps them alive through our memories.

    Looking forward to your adventures in BFA! (I just came back for good after being gone since MoP, boy am I behind in so many things! I guess I won't run out of things to do)!

    1. Thanks Kaila! I enjoyed making this post! I hope you are enjoying BFA!


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