Minipost: Boomkin Legendary #6 - Radiant Moonlight

Yay another legendary for me!

Radiant Moonlight dropped in raid today on the first boss. It gives me an extra new moon, but I'm not sure when it would be useful... obviously some single target fight, but not sure which one really when I have better things to use... but that brings my total number of legendaries to 14.

I now only have one more legendary to upgrade to 970, but I've stopped trying for those essences, since I'll have them all done by next week anyway, what with cache and stuff.

I forgot to post about the other boomkin legendaries I had recently - namely #5 being Impeccable Fel Essence. I haven't had a good opportunity to play with my boomy legendaries to see how I can use them in raid, but I do have quite nice ones now so I should give it a shot on Sunday!