Raiding - Next week we'll get this!

Last night the camping team of including Splatz, Aza, Fox and Yeti were in Nighthold holding the Oceanic instance again. Kudos to them for spending the time! They did pass their time doing funny things like trying to fight Gul'dan or Botanist to see how far they could get but what's a bit of repair bill money that the guild bank pays for when we get delightful Australian ping!

So we got to Gul'dan and we had some really good goes. In fact the go which I thought was our last we got below 15% and when ready checked everyone wanted another go and that attempt was below 8%. So we are getting close and everyone is excited for next week as long as we have good oceanic latency/ping.

We are having good turnouts and I am worried that we are reaching capacity for heroic again. I only want to have 27 heroic raiders on the roster banking on the fact that a few will not turn up. I will be strict on who can attend certain fights especially with progression stuff, and I need to make sure we have enough backup healers and tanks for emergencies. Having to think about all these what-ifs is annoying to most people, but I hate not being prepared.

In reality, it's just easier to cancel raids than to fill with subs, but for easy stuff it should be ok.

However, with 7.2 looming (and I expect it to drop in April or maybe early May) then we will only have a few weeks of raiding relief to gear up alts before we move into new raids again.

Anyhow, fingers crossed for a good raid week.


  1. Grats on getting closer and closer and how awesome that you could get australian ping! My new guild had ppl in NH for ages too securing the lock.

    OMG you're the 2nd person I've read lately that say April/May for 7.2. Grr I was hoping it'd be like November. Your dates are too close. I want to have all my alts levelled and to be far along in NH before Tomb comes out.

    1. I saw you had a new guild, glad you are happy there :D

  2. What will you do once you down Gul'dan? Rinse and repeat or will you all take a break?

    1. I think we'll make sure we have it on farm and think about things. Our trend this expansion is to wind down 2 days and just do fun things like achievement raids or M+. Some may take a break. Either is fine! I think content is coming out quickly enough that they won't be offline too long.


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