Aww, Zeera thinks I'm real neat!

Imagine my surprise when Zeera (formerly Zeirah) of Z is for Zeirah tagged me in a list of blogs she likes reading. Not only do I read her blog but I also run into her accidentally in game from time to tome!

Hee hee, I think I was standing around AFK near Nelth's lair when Z came along with Neuro, and this pic was taken. Now, I THINK that's Neuro there being blocked by bloody Broll, but I'm not sure.

Of course, other than reading her blog (and her reading mine of course) I have special links with Z about her blog name and one of her chibi avatars :D So I'm chuffed she thinks I'm neat :)

The Rules 3:
  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the seven questions your nominator has provided.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers and create 7 questions for them

Here are Z's questions!

If you couldn’t blog about WoW anymore, what would you blog about?

I actually have another blog where I talk about travel, environmentally friendly living (eg cloth nappies, gardening, chickens), AND I also have a blog where I write about trashy romance novels. Yes, I love trashy romance novels! If WoW was gone, I'd be spending my time doing those other two blogs a lot more.

What’s the best and worst thing about blogging?

The best thing about blogging is that it's an outlet for me. I write to release all the emotions I have inside and it's rather therapeutic. The BONUS of blogging is that sometimes people read what I write, and I can make friends with the people that read my scribbles and inner thoughts. The worst thing about blogging is that I have to write responsibly and can't just blurt out every little thought I think. People read what I write, people can get offended by what I write, so I make an effort to temper my words and edit carefully. Blogging is not quite like a diary because in a diary you can say what you want to and have not a whit or care about what other people will think because nobody will read it.

What’s your favourite achievement in WoW?

This is silly but I actually like doing the train achievement in Blackrock Foundry, There's Always a Bigger Train! Everytime I do that fight on normal or higher, I put the toy train down and the wrecker so people can get the achievement. They always get a shock when the screen whites out!

How long have you been playing computer games?

My dad got us an Atari when I was 8 or so, so I've been playing various games since then. Before WoW I used to play Starcraft and lots of Heroes of Might and Magic. WoW is my first MMO, and I haven't shifted since!

If you could have one day to do anything in, what would you do?

I'm not quite sure what this questions means - does it mean if I had a day free, what would I choose to do, or does it mean if I had a day to do anything I wanted, even the impossible, what would I do?

I'll choose the more outrageous option, and say if I had one day that was consequence free and I could do ANYTHING I wanted, real or pretend, I would love to have a glimpse into the future, 500 years from now, to find out what the world was up to. Will we be on other planets? Will we have a United Federation of planets! What technologies would there be? I would love to know!

What’s your favourite food?

Chocolate. In all variations. It is my weakness. Haigh's chocolate, especially, but I cannot say no to Maltesers or Lindt Dark Chocolate balls.

Where do you prefer to go, Mountains or Beach?

Mountains. I hate having sand in my butt and in between my toes. Sand just gets EVERYWHERE. I like trees and birds and plants and nature. And I look bleh in a bikini but I look great in boots.

So, now I have to choose 7 blogs. Sigh, these chain mail things, I have been careful not to choose anyone who hates chain mail type stuff. And I need some questions! I choose....

1. Bubbles of Mischief
2. Mama needs Mana
3. Harpy's Nest
4. Tastes Like Battlechicken
5. Tome of the Ancient
6. Parallel Context
7. Heals n Heels

And I would like to know

1. What would constitute a perfect day to you?
2. Which super villian (if any) do you secretly admire or feel sorry for?
3. If you had to recommend one book to read, what would it be?
4. What is something you wish you could do but you can't (eg draw, sing)?
5. If you could play with someone in World of Warcraft, who would you play with and what would you do with them?
6. What was the kindest thing anyone has done for you in a computer game?
7. If you could choose your spirit animal, what would it be?


  1. Oh hey, thanks for the tag. I'll have to try that achievement the next time I'm in BRF but DAMN, you chose a lot of my blog choices.

  2. Oh oh. Does #5 have to be one person?

    1. If you have more than one person I'd love to hear about it Redbeard!

    2. Interesting, I'd no idea that you read romance novels. I should introduce you to a couple of acquaintances of mine, who I met originally on LiveJournal, and are romance novelists. ;-)

  3. Oh I forgot about your Romance Novel blog! Obviously it's not on my RSS feed anymore. I was a bit overeager in purging that last year.

    You've got some very interesting questions for others, but will you be answering them yourself?

    1. I haven't had time to update my romance novel blog for ages! AND I thought the whole point of hard questions was to avoid answering them Kallixta! :D But just for you I will answer them in this reply :P

      1. My perfect day would be to take the kids out for breakfast pokemon hunting in the morning, watch a movie and have popcorn, icecream and donuts for lunch, then in the evening the kids put themselves to bed and I get to play non stop WoW and get lots of achievements, do hard challenging stuff and win some PvP. Then at night, my partner and I get snuggle time :P

      2. Magneto. It's not easy suffering so much loss and then trying to fight for your "people" but then have everyone against you. And in the MCU X-Men Age of Apocalypse it was REALLY hard not to symphathise with him.

      3. Hm would I suggest a romance novel for people as a "must read"? HA! Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - I LOVE that book. The wit between Elizabeth and Darcy, the pride from both of them which the eventually overcame. I think you can relate it to modern times too!

      4. I wish I could read minds. Oh wait, was I supposed to pick a real talent? No? Then I wish I could know what everyone was thinking so I could predict behaviour better.

      5. I wish I could play with anyone in WoW, I wish I could play with Xyn again. Just for one day. And I would do a Nightbane run with him because he didn't get to do that and I had said I would do one with him but never got the chance.

      6. There are so many nice things people have done for me it's hard to choose. But if I choose a random act of kindness from a stranger, it would be the time I was afk on the road in Tol Barad and a random rogue stood next to me and killed all mobs who were attacking me, and waited for me to get back. That was really nice!

      7. I am going to steal Battlechicken's idea and rather than a spirit animal, have a Patronus! My patronus would be rat, because they are clever and affectionate and social, they are survivors, and despite being cute can also be terrifying to certain people!

  4. Thanks for the nomination, I will give it go over the weekend!

  5. hehe, I love your explanation of your choice of Patronus :)
    We do have links which I love - my beautiful chibi is my discord and skype avatar and background wallpaper on my phone!


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