Raiding - I only do Mythic for fun, is that weird?

I literally got off the plane, got picked up at the airport, had a quick Pho (Vietnamese Beef Noodle soup) with the family, got home, threw all a week of dirty laundry into the washing machine and then left my husband to shower the kids and put them to bed whilst I got on to raid, as I had been DYING to raid so I joined Nostalgic on their weekend raid again.

I was worried I would be the only newcomer but I wasn't. I did at least get some warming up time on Council before we went to Kilrogg, which took a bit of time. Neuro was giving some great advice as he always does, and though he recommended we try not dispelling so there were less reaps around, people were dropping off like flies with them. Yes, more punishing to the healers, but I think the DPS didn't use as many cooldowns as they ran towards the edges and thus out of our reach for heals and then died. So we went back to dispelling at 5-7 seconds.

I was happy we got Kilrogg down, as I totally needed a carry through Kilrogg ;)

At least got a look at Gorefiend - wow, that requires a lot of control! No wonder people whinge about it.

I was talking to a friend of mine from Noctem who was looking for recruits, and I had already had one of my guildies, Deidria, want to do more mythic so he was going their way, and my friend asked me if I and another guildie wanted to be carried regularly through Mythic so we could be geared enough to help them out. I won't lie, I did bristle a little when he implied I was going to be a huge carry, which I probably would be, but it's just never nice to HEAR that, you know? He asked what I was doing and I said I was pugging into a raid on Barthilas and we were 5/13M. He said, don't you want to progress? Come along with us and you'll get further, you won't see the end content by the time Legion drops. And I thought to myself, but I don't really mind, I just like feeling like I'm working my way towards it. I don't want to be anyone's carry, or feel like a carry, no matter how much I would like to see content. And I really do wish I was doing it with my own guild. It's made me glum today, because it's Wednesday and my guild's raid day - which will be more alt heroics.

Which I don't mind because I love to raid, but I wish it was a bit more challenging. I guess it is challenging because we are taking alts and it's not as easy as with our mains, and I don't know how much middle floor they've been doing with everyone on funny toons. I also would like some of our casuals to see content too, but obviously raid mechanics matter more when we're not overgearing content.

Unfortunately for me I am on call this weekend, so I may not be able to raid, but there is a... 60% chance that I can! I felt a bit glum after that, and I thought some retail therapy would help. So I sent a donation to my favourite podcasts - Group Quest/All things Azeroth, Girls Gone WoW and Twisted Nether Blogcast. Big hugs to you guys!

And... I bought a dress, jacket and a shirt when I went to the Post Office. I think that's enough retail therapy for the week!


  1. *hugs*
    I really hate the feeling of being carried, too. End of expansion raiding is really hard. I totally understand the glum feeling. You get torn between raiding with the people you know and like and wanting to progress further... Not always fun.

    Grats on Mythic Kilrogg, though! I was really scared going in to Gorefiend the first time, but it's a great fight! It's like juggling, but I like that :)

    1. Thanks! Gorefiend looks awful but I remember so many fights seemed impossible at first and somehow we did them!


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