For those interested in my holiday antics....

I'll be back next week! My guild was gleefully telling me that on their first attempt on Archimonde when I was away they got to 9%!  Of course, my first thought was "OMG, everyone will be saying that Navi was holding them back," and I wasn't wrong because someone DID say that, but after that, they were unable to repeat that effort.  So, perhaps there will be some Archimonde for me to do yet. However, I'm unsure right at this moment whether I would love to be there for the kill, or have them kill it whilst I'm holidays and let everyone enjoy telling me about how I wasn't needed and then carry me for my kill.

For those who are interested in my holiday antics you can go check out here.

But here are a few pics of the week so far of my holiday.  I warn you though, I have a food fetish so there are more pictures of food than there are of sightseeing...

Good luck on Archi Frostwolves! I will be back for next week's Monday raid so you only have 3 days left to get Archi down /grin


  1. I went to check out sparrow gal and now I'm hungry, lol. I doubt if I can come close but I gotta go downstairs and see what I can find. Hope you had a great time. Sorry you missed the bath but at least you got the fishy bath!

    1. I did enjoy having my feet nibbled on by fish! It was a funny feeling!


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