Non WoW - A few days away from civilisaton

It's Easter break and my family is away for holidays in the wild Australian Outback, checking out the red centre of Australia.

At Uluru we stayed at a resort, then moved on to some glamping as we moved outwards to explore other places.

There were a few days where I had no internet and no phone reception.  I thought I would be having dreadful withdrawal.  But I was too tired from walking all day to worry about logging in to do stuff.

Even now back in civilisation at Alice Springs, I haven't been able to logon - once I lie down with the kids I all asleep (and there is nobody to wake me up for raid time) and then when I wake up at 1am I feel bad if I start tapping away on the keyboard and wake up everyone since we're all in the same hotel room.

Today we're going to be taking a long train ride to Adelaide in luxury (with exorbitant price to match) and hopefully I'll get to meet up with some guildies there.  I am glad to see that there was some heroic killing going on whilst I was away - I noticed three bosses went down - and that there was a little patch and they introduced the WoW token.  You know, the first thing I thought when I saw that was "Well, Luxy will never have to pay for WoW time ever again!"

Well, it's always going to be easier for me to buy my time with real money than with game money. The ability to make money in game in large amounts still eludes me :D  Though with the garrison I do make some money!


  1. did you climb the rock or just walk around it?


    1. The Anangu (local people) don't want us to climb the rock so I respect their wishes and didn't climb. Also, it was super windy that day so the climb was closed anyway!


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