New pets

My poor pet collection has been sorely neglected but it has been bulked up significantly in the past week or two with some gifts, as well as me doing avid fishing to get my Nat Pagle coins.

In raid the other week, Yuuda was cooking and he got a Lil Leftovers! I yelled grats to him and expressed my envy and he promptly gave me the little pet.  Awww! I thanked him profusely and admired it for a little bit before we went on with our Blackhand attempts.

After raid, I was cooking in my garrison and I got my own Lil Leftovers, which I passed on to McTacky.  He seemed rather thrilled to receive the scary little blob with its half digested drumstick.

Then Sars gave me a Land Shark, which was a Nat Pagle coin pet, and I gave my one away and kept his.

My Shark was photobombed by this annoying Frostwall rat.

Then I used my coins to get the Seal Calf, which I don't find particularly attractive, so the poor thing will probably remain unnamed.

Then I had some lovely donations from guildies who felt sorry for me.  Thanks Buggers and Jazeel!\

Now I really need to stop being lazy and get my Raiding with Leashes III done.  Just a few more to go and I can have my own little Christmas ornament Naaru dream pet!


  1. Check your mail, Cat hopes you give big head a good home!

    1. Oh my thank you! That 3 faced nasty boss hasn't been very kind to me! Now I need to think of an appropriate name...

  2. Very nice additions there Nav

  3. You could have had the Naaru so long ago!

    1. I know! I could have done the sneaky thing but I just couldn't bring myself to drag through those instances. Though they don't take long, there just always seems to be other things I need to do.

  4. Thanks for the lil'leftovers!


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