A guild run of Blackrock Foundry

Well, we finally got the achievement for finishing BRF as a guild, when we did Blackhand on normal. It felt messy to me, but I was just glad to be home and raiding.  We had a few goes at Blackhand on heroic but didn't get very far.  People need to be moving in the right directions and not standing on bombs - me included.  It was nice just to get back into the swing of things... and the week off did wonders for my seals, as now I am sitting at 9.

And we also had under 20 people.  Not that I was particularly concerned, since we have a ways to go before we'd even look at mythic, but are we suddenly joining the ranks of those guilds being unable to do mythic because of numbers?  There are a few people who will probably be unable to commit to mythic raiding - which will require things like a full time commitment and no leaving early or starting late - totally different to how this wonderful flex business works for casual raiding.

Even so, I have never touted ourselves as a mythic guild. It will certainly be interesting trying to heal heroic Blackhand with 3 druids and a paladin/holy priest.  I wonder how next week will be!