Raiding - Kyjenn's tanking has improved!

On Wednesday, Snowcaller was having issues with his computer, so it was a big decision - get Kyjenn to tank again or get Antpugga to tank?  Aimei and Kyjenn like tanking together, so we decided that Kyjenn/Xyn was going to tank, so we warned the raid.

"I've doubled guild repairs for tonight, because Kyjenn is tanking!" I yelled.
Kyjenn was making fun of himself, the good sport he is. I was dreading Gruul, but happy to be raiding anyway.  He'd tanked 5 bosses on normal on his druid so on his paladin I'm sure it would have been no dramas.

Beastlord went down easily, and Thogar did too.  I was a little bit worried because we had some issues on normal, but it was fine.  Hans and Frans, had a few issues (Kyjenn freely admitted he doesn't quite understand that fight as a tank) so we wiped once I think, and then Flamebender had a wipe too but I hate that boss anyway.  Kromog had a number of issues and I truly played like a twit that night and died lots UGH.  But we killed it in the end, and ended the night wiping on our only attempt on Gruul because we were rushing (server restart at 11pm).

Snowcaller was back on Thursday, and we knocked over Gruul, Oregorger and had a number of goes on Iron Maidens.  I decided to have a little bit of fun on the first boat.

I was busy constructing my N (I ended up taking 2 stacks of the corrupted blood stuffing around) and Snowcaller/Exray said "Navi, WHAT are you doing?"

"Writing my name," I said, innocently.

"Looks like a Z to me," said Hwired.  I suppose it does.  But from my PoV it's an N.

We actually got it down a little differently by pushing the bosses before the third boat and then burning them.  It worked well, and we lusted just before the boat and pushed one below 20% (I THINK it was Marak) and then started that crappy turrent LOL turret phase.  We got it in the end, and it didn't seem as hard as previous times.  I still died though.  Navi, the doofus.

Got a new belt and got my 4 piece (though I'm not sure how useful it is) this week, so I'm trying that out a bit - practicing doing 2 Healing Touches before I get a 25% decrease in cost of a Wild Growth doesn't seem like great healing to me, but it has its moments, I guess!

Then we had one go on Blast Furnace and got pretty much to the same spot we had last time.  Hopefully it will go down on Monday!