Raiding - A good raid night with 2 new bosses

I was worried it wasn't going to go well on Monday because Koda sent me a message saying she couldn't raid due to family reasons.  However, Cptsars was going to raid today as well as Arelion so I did have a backup healer in the winds.  Two shamans, two druids, a priest and a monk - much better combo in my opinion for healing!

On the weekend we had a new recruit - Antpugga, a guardian druid who did really well tanking for us on Sunday's casual raid and we thought that it would be nice to have a proper 3rd tank for Kromog. No offence to Kyjenn of course... well, maybe just a little bit of fun poking :)

Last Thursday it was late in the raid when we were doing Kromog, and I think Bish was sleepy.  He was doing sleepy Bish healing on the tanks so I had to switch him out and put him on raid and I healed the tanks. So for Monday, I decided to continue doing tank healing with Crooked, and I put Yuuda and Nok on melee, and Sars and Bish on ranged heals.

So Exray, Aimei and Antpugga were our tanks, and it was probably just as well, because even though Ctpsars and Arelion were there, they were playing on the phone 3G so they were a little more spiky than normal.  Also, it was nice having Arelion as DPS because hopefully he could help break the people out of the hands faster.

With the 6 healers I had set cooldowns.  For the first stone breath we didn't use a CD, but then we did Yuuda > Nok > Navi > Bish > Crooked > Sars.  I tried not to have channelled healers cooldowns for breath when we were gripped by hands because being broken out interrupts those spellcasts (unless we got Aspect of the Fox from a hunter). However, when we were going around to do our cooldowns again, we were out by one, so there would be one non cooldown Stone breath that people had to use personal cooldowns for.

It was better, and we obviously did well because we got it down in the end.  There were still a few little stuff ups here and there but I think people were getting used to dodging stuff and knowing their hand positions.  Kelthal had difficulty for a bit, and I did too because he and I were next to each other and kept stealing each other's spots.

Still having issues with DPS hitting the boss instead of breaking people out of the hands, but hopefully next week when we get it down again it will be better!  My healing was absolutely ABYSSMAL but I guess that's what I would expect when I'm doing tank healing.  It only took us 3 goes to get that down, but I was happy to get it down.  Now how lucky was THIS!  There are only two people in the tier ahead of me in EPGP, and both of them coined a tier helm!  So that meant the tier helm was for me, which was great - finally replacing my conquest PvP helm!  I would much prefer the heroic helm from Ko'ragh but I can finally use a two set bonus I guess.  Not sure if it's that wonderful to be honest, but it does give save me some mana and get some big heals out.  I decided that it's time to get Hermes so I can track raid healing cooldowns available.

So Oregorger was our next stop.  We haven't even killed Oregorger on normal as a guild, so we weren't exactly sure how it was going to go.  We tried a few different things, but what eventually worked (Aimei's suggestion after watching Method killing it) was starting tanking Oregorger in the corridor he was in, and have the ranged start close to the second tank, and slowly move outwards, instead of starting outwards and moving in.  That also kept us in range of melee if we needed to as well for the start but it did get a bit hair as we moved further and further away.  Keeping Nok in melee helped a bit.

We also were running around like headless chooks during the rolling phase, and people weren't getting healed, so Crooked suggested two points for healers to stand in and heal all the raid from those two points.  That actually worked quite well.  One point was where the boss started, and the other point was diagonally opposite, about 60 yards away.  Two markers were put for each of those points because at least one of them would be safe to stand in as Oregorger rolled around.

So we were pretty surprised when we got it on our fourth go (and one of those goes was an accidental pull, so really it was 3 goes), and Nok was happy because he finally got a healing weapon, considering all the healing that he's been doing!

Oops I have the date wrong!  Will fix that when I get home!
By that stage we were onto Iron Maidens and having only watched the video once, I was a bit bemused by the whole thing as the raid tried to figure out what we were supposed to do.  We had a couple of pulls and I was sent up to the boat, and my job was pretty easy - just keep the boat DPS people alive so they could kill the guy and then click the bombs and jump back down and avoid more mechanics.  But, a proper look at it next week!