WoWInsider - the rebirth

The WoW community was sad to hear of AOL's decision to cut off Joystiq, which included WoWInsider.  WoWInsider which helped launch my blog when Anne Stickney featured a couple of my posts. Many people have tweeted about how they will be missed (me included) and I loved how  WoWInsider would feature the ordinary games, and appeal to them.  Not writing about all the elite things that more than half of the WoW population would not see - they wrote about the hidden things, about the different kinds of people that play WoW, and about things that were for the more casual player... things that were fun.

So I wondered, why don't they just ask for community support? I knew there would be lots of people that would support them.  And, wouldn't you know it, earlier yesterday Alex Ziebart made an announcement.

And, it's not even one day, and they have hit 10k!  I am pleased to say that I was online and I watched the number tick over to 10k and I am proud to say I am now a Patreon - which I can change at any time if the people at BlizzardWatch become nasty people or something, which is highly unlikely.  I worry though that this huge amount they've raised may only be a short term thing so I hope that they budget it at 8k-ish so that they don't overextend themselves (ie spending to the max) so that they have enough to last them through!

Maybe I will one day get to meet the Blizzard Watch people. I hate to sound whiney, but I hope they're grateful and happy for all the community support - even from the little people, like me.  I think my main concern with WoWInsider was that they only had time for you if you were someone famous or important in the WoW community, but there are many of us who are not on the map who are helping keep the site alive so we can continue to enjoy it.


  1. I have to say I geeked out a bit about it all .. I was glued to the screen watching those numbers flick up and past various targets. I was watching (and contributing) to one comments column, and it was being added to so fast, I didn't have time to read some of them. Very pleased to be a part of it, even if only in a small way ... WoWInsider was always one of those places that didn't just give you the facts, they EXPLAINED the facts .. and I was constantly finding out new stuff about WoW from their columns.

    1. Same, it was great to see stuff that wasn't about raids, but about all sorts of other cool things in WoW - and I also loved their featured player spots about some of the amazing, famous or you-wouldn't-know-these-people-played WoW!


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