Raiding - Heroic BRF trash is a boss on its own!

We had decided to try heroic BRF since people were thinking it would be better gear wise if we did heroic rather than normal.  There were pros and cons - we would learn the fights better on normal, but then the gear would be wasted because nobody would want it, so I thought it was best if we did heroic.  If we didn't do well on it we could always go back to normal, but if we did normal and it was easy, then people would say that we should have done heroic.  You can't win, really.

I had gone earlier in the day with a PuG group to look at trash.  And it was horrible.  PuGs are dreadful that way I guess, and after 20 minutes I had a 200g repair bill and there wasn't much gold off the trash mobs! I warned the officers it would be ugly and we went in prepared and the first pulls of trash weren't a problem, but it was the next lots once we went down the elevator that wiped us (because we also managed to pull adds from up top to join us down below which was fun).

We decided to look at Gruul first because he seemed like the easiest mechanics wise, and it was fun learning stuff again, though too many cooks spoil the broth.  Pushme again as an amazing one page diagram for the fight which make it easy to understand!

We were supposed to be standing in melee range of the boss for easy heals but one side had people standing really far away which made it hard for healers on the other side to reach them.  They died a lot on that side, more so than on our side.  I wasn't sure if that was related to them getting the first inferno strike, but it seemed to be healable, and most of the other stuff was avoidable.  We only got it to 40% but that was a decent attempt, and tonight hopefully we will go a bit better.

We were taking 2 inferno strikes, but it seems like you can take one per side. We'll see how we go tonight.


  1. We had a bit of difficulty with him as well. After some heroic trash farming we figured we would give him a few shots. It did not go as well as planned. Mostly because I was tanking on an alt and we had a few DPS in the 14K range, so it was not putting our best foot forward. We had about 8 attempts, 2 really close at 8 and 9 percent respectively, but the others where all "whoops" quick wipe attempts it seems. Seems like the healing was just too much for us. From about 30% onward is was just people dropping like flies.

    On a funny side note, at least we did not die as brutally as we did to the first big mob in there. A trash mob. Both me and the other tank were being 1 shot, it was a zerg to get him down. Please tell me we were doing something wrong and you know how to do that guy? Because he was harder than gruul. lol

    Good luck in there, it seems to be a bit higher tuned than I expected. We were going to go from heroic to heroic, but looks like we have no choice to to stop at normal first.

    1. Good luck to you too! We were also going from heroic to heroic but it just took some tweaking and then it was easy - isn't that always the way, you struggle till you find your technique and then after that you wonder what the hell you were struggling on in the first place.

      I think it's the petrifies being behind that also makes a big difference, because then at least they're still getting the inferno slice. Though this is probably moot now since by the time you read this you will have killed him already!


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