Raiding - Extinguishing that Flamebender

So we came back to work on Flamebender on Thursday night feeling much more confident about it. We knew the mechanics, we knew what to do (for the most part), and we had gotten it to 30% the previous night.


It was going horribly wrong for the first hour.

Problem 1: Tank kept dying.  Correction, Aimei kept dying.
It was weird, it was like an instadeath at the same time for a number of fights.  Every time one of the cinder wolves got overheated Aimei would go splat.  He didn't even have a lot of stacks of Rising flames. I tried everything, I had full hots rolling, a mushroom, a cooldown ready but still he died. Aimei was being scrutinized, he was using his cooldowns, and everyone was piping in with suggestions.  I think at the end, we figured out that one of the reasons was that people with Molten Torrent were running and standing on top of Aimei (instead of the melee group) and we also had the warriors start doing Vigilance on him at that time as well.  Charring breath was stacking on Aimei also, but I wasn't sure if he was the overheated wolf tank at that point anyway. After a few attempts that seemed to stop happening.

Problem 2: Ranged were dying a lot
The problem with where the tanking position was that it didn't leave much room for the ranged.  Lava slashes were leaving trails all over the place, the weapons were doing their little spinnies in a reasonably large area.  Then someone would get fixated by a dog and then get wiped out by the fire chain.  Koda was dying a lot very early, and we found that people also forgot to watch for the bomb (Magma Monsoon) which was hitting the ground, as well as standing in someone else's Blazing Radiance.

Kyxyn was getting frustrated and Hwired was doing his lecturing "C'mon guys...", and I told them off in officer - it's really easy for melee who just stand there and do nothing except hit the boss and sidestep a few bombs and get out of the charring breath from the overheated dog. Ranged had so much more to do and I already was struggling with finding places to stand.  I was very grateful because I was dancing around trying to reach the tanks but was blocked by flame, weapon and another player and Crooked swapped spots with me so I could get in to heal the melee.

When we finally DID get it down, it was a huge relief!  Yay!  Tier time!

Usually Vanquisher Tier (Druid, DK, Rogue, Mage) drops all the time.  We made jokes about that - because the only people in Vanquisher tier were myself, Koda, Snowcaller/Exray, Hwired, Duck, Disco and Dragonray.  There weren't that many for that token.

Protector Tier (Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Monk) had a ton of people in it. Aimei/HK, Lushen, Punchynok, Madcow, Fallnapart, Arelion, Luxygaga, Cptsars, Crooked, Alcatots, Kelthal, Ultrapwn would all be there trying to get a token!

Conquerer Tier (Warlock, Paladin, Priest) wasn't heavily populated, with only Aza, Sev, Kyjenn, Una and Bish in it.

So it would be have been awful luck if no Protector Tier dropped, but fortunately it did.  One Protector and one Conquerer.  Una and Luxy both rolled Tier, so that helps take people out of that tier. Lushen and Kyjenn were the lucky winners of Tier, and Kyxyn was even more stoked that he managed to create one with a socket as well!  Oh and Kyxyn also rolled a weapon so it was a doubly good run for him.

It's going to be a long time before those Protector guys get their Tier.  Just hope that luck is on their side and they manage to roll it or a Protector token drops every week.

Good work though Frostwolves!  Hmm, what shall we do on Monday?  We had another look at Oregorger but it still feels so higglety pigglety that we should try to get it on normal first before we come back on heroic.  Maybe Sunday will guide us a little to give us a bit of direction if we do BRF normal again on Sunday.


  1. I wasn't frustrated :P I was just reminding people to not stand in line with melee! I totally understand that ranged have more mechanics to do with and space was tight but you all managed it in the end :)

    - Hwired

    1. Unfortunately Xyn complaining was reinforced by him getting a weapon AND Tier. Now he will tell me that being nice gets you nowhere, complaining gets results.


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