Minipost: Achievement - Soft Hands (Ji-kun in ToT)

I was late home on Friday night because of work and I was bummed because I missed out on PvP night. Luxy was doing an achievement run in Throne of Thunder Heroic and said I could tag along. I came in when they were on Ji-Kun, trying for the achievement Soft Hands.  After I watched Crooked trying to get the egg, I compiled a video of us doing the achievement!

It would have been so much easier if Crooked had jumped down to a lower nest - but then I wouldn't have been able to film him running around holding his precious cargo.


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    1. Chickenboo what's the matter with you! :D

  2. Ha! What a coincidence .. we were just having a play trying to do that last week! Congrats on that one!

    1. We must be on the same psychic wavelength Sprowt! Hope you got the achievement down! ;)


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