Mataoka's #28daysofWoWlove - First week

Mataoka of Sugar and Blood wanted to celebrate her favourite month with screenshots showing what we love about Azeroth.

I'm a bit behind so I shall do them in groups of 7, just to keep up the consistency.

I love achievements. That's the Power of Love!

My daughter loves hiding in things in WoW. Cptsars told me that I could get in the work orders box. Cat in the box!
I love this home of the Frostwolves, in Frostfire Ridge
And I LOVED meeting Durotan and Aggra, the leaders of my guild's namesake
Why can't they have Tauren children as cute as these Draenei children?  I do love little seeing children in game.
I like rare mobs!  This rare looks happy, too happy to be slaughtered like a pig...
And here is me and Aimei, who carries me around for all my questing!  We are inside some mob, I can't rememember where!


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