Blizzard actually made my Dream Pet!

A while ago in my 10 days of Pet Battling, the last blogging challenge was to design a pet.  This is the pet that I designed:

Name: K'iri
Class: Magic
Location: Drops from M'uru in Sunwell Plateau

From the remains of M'uru this spark remains, and still pulses with life. Perhaps M'uru lives on after all.

Slot 1 abilities
Slot 2 abilities
Slot 3 abilities

And this was our Frostwolves Dream Team done by McTacky:

And how cool is it that Raiding With Leashes III is out, and the reward for getting all the new pets is K'ute, a little Naaru! What is cool though is that the Naaru doesn't battle, it's a peaceful pet, which makes MUCH more sense than the battling stuff I put for it!

I know Blizz wouldn't have known that I wanted this pet, but I am so glad they made it! Now I have to get it... I'd better get cracking on farming those pets!


  1. Naaru are such hypocrites. They are all about the peace, but are fine people raising armies in their names. Yeah one of them scarified themselves to purify the Sunwell, but what have they done for us lately?

    1. If it hadn't been for you and Luxy I wouldn't even have noticed that there was a Naaru pet. I mean, that's how bleh I have been about pet battles lately!


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