Achievement: They Really Love Me!

Luxy had organised a time on Sunday to do this achievement, which requires everyone to have a Manufactured Love Prism (bought for 40 Love tokens from the vendors).  Basically you have to have 50 stacks of the Love ray on you, so you need multiple people to do the achievement.

Each time you use the beam it's a channel and it lasts 10 seconds before it needs to be reapplied. With 11 people in the group there were enough charges to go comfortably around.  We'd take turns being in the middle and then just take turns activating our crystal.

We all had some close moments but I was the only one who actually had theirs drop off! Luckily it was in the early stages so it's not like I was at 30 or something!

Crooked and Luxy did a lot of the calling.  Sars did a few too.  I had my daughter helping a little bit at first and then she got a bit excited and clicked later and then got bored, so I took over.

It took us about 1.5 hours to complete everyone, and Gelina turned up late - but we still managed to squeeze him in!  We get a toy reward after the achievement which shoots love rays - can't complain about more toys!  Luxy, Crooked, McTacky, Cptsars, Aimei, Una, Hyade, Buggerlugs, Hunterfaith and Taxar were the patient guildies and fellow achievement hunters who were happy to put the time and effort in!

When we were done, a number of people said "Never again!" Phew, it was a very long and tiring achievement, but I'm glad we got it done.


  1. Oooh this might be a nice idea for a guild get together achievement with something they might want \o/ Thank you for sharing :)

    1. It takes as long as a raid Gwen! Definitely a good guild group activity :)

  2. Big thanks to Mini Navi for her part as well!

    1. She was very pleased with herself, even when she stuffed up. I squealed at her that time she went early and she said "What? It said I could use it again and you told me to click it when I could use it again!"


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