Raiding - a BRILLIANT way to start the New Year!

Thursday was only going to be a raid day if there was interest. I had said to the other officers, you'd think most people would be home on New Year's Day - I can understand people not being home on New Year's Eve because of parties and whatever, but surely there would be people at home on New Year's Day evening!  So after asking around, we would easily have 10 people and so the decision was made - we were raiding!

Half an hour before raid, Hwired asked me to give him and Kyxyn a crash course in EPGP.  I jumped out and gave them the quick tutorial of how to look at the EPGP, when to give EP, how to award GP and how to manually enter it if for some reason the drop down menus don't work or when people decide later they want loot.

So at 845pm Hwired and Kyxyn announced that raid invites were starting.  There were a few startled people.

"What? We're raiding tonight?"
"I didn't know we were raiding!"

/facepalm  Do people not read the GUILD MESSAGE OF THE DAY??

"I read it," said Nok.  "It didn't say that before."

"Yes it did," I replied.

"No, it didn't, I read it at 5am this morning when I logged on."

"At 5am this morning it had yesterday's message which said 'No Wednesday raiding.  Thursday heroic raiding if there is interest.' I changed it this morning and removed the 'No Wednesday raiding' and put 'Thursday raiding if enough ppl for heroic.'"

"Oh," said Nok.  "So you did."

Anyway we collected people and we had a grand total of 20 people for raid!  How brilliant! So off we went to do heroics.

Kargath went down easily, and Butcher was one shot but it was still an awful bleeding mess at the end as the melee died, and we just scattered to minimise deaths, and it was a better kill than our first time on heroic but still was... ugly.

Then we went to Brackenspore.  We had a good attempt our first time, and after having a wonder about who to do the guns, we ended up having Ultra (hunter) and Crooked (shaman) doing them. And would you believe it... WE KILLED IT.  OMG a new heroic kill!  The loot was eagerly grabbed by everyone and wouldn't you know it... I forgot to take a pic.

Then on to Tectus.  We did it the same way we do normal and... OMG it was another one shot kill! Another new heroic boss down!  This time I DID get a screenshot!

Sev got his staff, and I was pleased - I did have a TINY bit of guilt for taking the staff when I know he wanted it, but now he has a BETTER one!  So I told him so and he rolled his eyes and grudgingly thanked me for taking the normal staff away :D

Then onto Twin Ogrons.  Oh my GOSH.  Did it the same again as we did on normal and we smashed it!  ANOTHER NEW HEROIC KILL!  Wow, we were on a roll, and it was undoubtedly one of the coolest nights we have had in raiding since we started.  So pleased!

We didn't get Ko'ragh down but we had some great attempts but overall it was a good night!  Grats to everyone there!  Looking forward to Monday... hopefully we'll get Imperator down this time!

Tanks: Aimei, Snowcaller (Exray has gone back to his DK)
Healers: Morz, Koda, Navi, Amayeti (Morz said healing is like Charlie's angels!!!)
DPS: Madcow, Hwired, Sevrus, Kyjenn, Azadelta, Luxygaga, Crooked, Duckalot, Disco, Ultra, Brahski, Cptsars, Punchynok, Lushen,