My Best Invasion Score to date!

Botani has SO MANY mobs that it's probably the easiest one to get a high score.  I had said earlier in my invasions post that it was one of the harder ones because of the sheer number of mobs, but it's very easy to get gold in Botani. Kyxyn and I had just done a Botani invasion right before this one with a big score and it was interesting that my mobs were slightly different to his - I always seem to have Alliance spies, and workers to rescue but he doesn't have as many as I do.

Prior to this the best score I had was with Luxy and Crooked when we got 1928 (or something like that) and I was super impressed because my normal scores are around the 1400-1500 mark.

Anyway, with Platinum invasions coming soon, I shall have to work out ways to get better scores for Shadow Council and Shadowclan and Ogre to make sure I'm in the 1300+ range.