Minipost: Crazy Cat lord

I could turn this into something dirty, but I will take it as something cute instead!

Zarg is standing in Warspear just opposite the Honour and Conquest quartermasters with his cats Crusher and Fang. I'm not sure what the one he's holding is named.  Zarg says:

Zarg like kitties. Zarg train his little kitties to be cute little warriors.

What? Why you look at me like that?

You got something against kitties?

No Zarg.  Not at all.  You're a cute orc :)  It's kinda how I imagined Morzierz.


  1. I love that guy. He gives me a smile every time I visit Warspear. Laughed so hard the first time I noticed him :D

    1. My gulidie Crooked pointed him out to me, I just love how he's holding that cat, I wish i could hold cats like that!

  2. Aww, that's so cute! I've never looked at that guy up close enough to see that he's holding and petting one of his kitties.


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