Beasts Followers that you can pat in your Garrison

I had mentioned before how much my daughter enjoys getting Snowpaw as a follower around the Garrison.  What I had forgotten is where Snowpaw came from - and I wondered if Alliance has a similar quest or companion (it turned out they did! See later in this post)

Snowpaw is Urukag's wolf who dies in the quest Gut Guttra in Frostfire Ridge.  Snowpaw is not always there, but whenever he is I give him a pat and have him follow me around the Garrison for a while.

Kamalia mentioned to me about a Raptor that is there sometimes, and I couldn't quite figure out how to find it, and then when I did some garrison invasions I noticed them in my friend's garrisons and then I went off to good ol' trust Wowhead to see how to acquire them

There are actually quite a few of these companions that you can have (who can be petted and then follow you around) and all are really quite easy to obtain!

I found out that the raptor was named Peckers the Majestic, and yes, filthy minded me had a few giggles about that name, especially when you can pet him...

Pecker is found in a cage in Gorgrond in Stonemaul Arena at coordinates 37.2,70.6 (the entrance to the cave is at 38.7, 67.4).  You can just go up to the cage and interact with it and open it.

Peckers runs away but will hang out in your garrison every now and then, next to the pet menagerie. I only just got him today, but it is mentioned that he will kick you if you pet him!

Rooter is a wild pig in Gorgrond that has a quest Rooter the Ravenous which asks you to go pick some Prickly Nopal from around the area. No wonder the poor bugger is hungry, the place is full of level 100 Blackrock Orcs and I was glad that I had come across him when I was level 100 with a bodyguard with me.  Would NOT have been pleasant at level 95!  Anyway your good deeds are rewarded and Grooter will sometimes hang out in the same place as Snowpaw and Peckers (though I have never seen him at the same time as Snowpaw, so maybe only one of them will be around at a time).  He does follow you around but quite rapidly runs away if you get into combat.

Not sure why Rooter is eating this drumstick when I brought Prickly Nopal back!
Heh you can see him here hanging out with my favourite companion pets
I found the Alliance version of Snowpaw - it's a Fey dragon named Squiggy.  You can get him from the quest In need of a Hero (which you get whilst on the quest Think of the Children) and he can be petted as well!

Image from Wowhead since I don't have an alliance garrison!
Ok, this is no beast, but Sappy is just cute I can't resist trees. It can be found standing still at 62.8, 63.2 in Tangleheart, Gorgrond and if you talk to it, there is a "feed me" option and Sappy will run away and end up in your garrison.  Sometimes it will be found in your herb garden (and will defend it if podlings come when you're herbing).

Bircher is often hanging out in my Garrison (and appears to be there when Sappy isn't) selling his drinks, after you complete the quest Laying Dionor to rest in Gorgrond. If you talk to him after he says he would like to visit you and voila!  There he is.

There are heaps more cool visitors that you can have hanging out in your garrison - Wowhead has got a great post on it, go check it out!