WoW and other computer games that my 6 year old daughter enjoys

I did a recruit a friend and was just leaving the account there to hit the 3 months so that I could get my pet, but my daughter kept wanting to play so I let her use that account and play on it.

Kyjenn's daughter who is a a similar age to my daughter but a little older also plays WoW sometmes and he proudly tells me how she is a mouseturner.  My daughter, however, is a keyboard turner, but then, I also use keyboard to move a lot, so I shouldn't really be surprised by that.  I did try to make her a mouse turner, but she'd have none of that.

What's interesting to me is how she likes to play.  She levels a toon doing a few quests and then decides she wants to make a new one.  She has done this about 5 times already.  I wondered if that was some kind of dreadful alt-itis that she had, because I know I DEFINITELY don't have alt-itis.  And it's not really surprising what she wants to play, she likes playing hunters because she likes having a pet.

She is always asking me to come and form a party with her in World of Warcraft.  I was particularly proud of her when she was sitting on my lap as I was loading up WoW, and she pointed at the picture of an orc with a wolf pelt coat on the loading screen and said "Hey, mama!  Look it's Durotan!"  I asked her how she knew that and she just shrugged and said "I don't know, but I know."  I have to admit, I grinned inside :)

But World of Warcraft wasn't the only thing my daughter was playing.  We got Injustice on the PS4 to play with and I really like fighting style games so I wanted to play that and my daughter wanted to as well.

And then, she found that she liked playing Hawkgirl and she beat ME, Aimei and my husband (though he claims he let her win, but I can't claim that!).  I was so affronted being beaten by a 6 year l demanded a rematch so I could trounce her, and I did.  But she put up a good fight!

The other game she plays, and this with her father, is Oddworld.  That game is a reboot of the same game my husband and I used to play, and she quite likes trying to figure out how to get Abe through the different sections and how to avoid the various dangers to reach his goal.  I don't know why but this game has never appealed to me.

Recently she was quite engrossed with Valiant Hearts, a WWI game.  This is an iPad game, and my husband thought it was good because it had a lot of history in it. Hoever, that didn't end up being the case, because she skipped all those bits.  She finished that game, but played it from start to finish a few times.  My husband thought it as good because there wasn't that much violence compared to other games, but it still had it's fair share of shooting and blood and being blown up by bombs.

But I think the best game my daughter and I played, was a few months ago and it was called Brothers: A tale of two sons. It was a puzzle solving kind of game and each brother was able to do different things. We sat down and played the game over a whole afternoon, and though the game was designed to be played with one person controlling both brothers, we played it so that she was holding the left side of the controller controlling the big brother, and I was on the right side controlling the little brother.  It was fun playing like that, and we had a great time that afternoon and when we finished...  I thought it was sad but my daughter didn't quite get the gist of why it was sad, and I didn't bother explaining it to her.

Are there any other good mother-daughter games to play out there?  Look forward to hearing some suggestions of games my daughter could be interested in!


  1. Some suggestions:

    HOARD (yes these all seem to love caps)
    Recettear (maybe too much reading in this?)
    Rock of Ages
    Solar 2
    Little Inferno

    Hope that helps!

    1. I shall go look these up. Are they all PC games? Or tablet games? Oh I guess I will find out, thanks Dah and good to hear from you :)

  2. My almost-7 year old daughter started playing Wow recently, and it was the exact same way with create new toon, putz around in the starter area, delete, create new toon. Your has gone through 5? Mine has probably gone through 20.

    Besides WoW, it's all about minecraft. The best part about it is creative mode where you have unlimited resources and no baddies. It's a perfect playground. And she can play on her tablet.

    Some idiot boy told her that girls can't play video games. That did not go over well.

    1. Well that idiot boy will learn one day. Everyone who is anyone knows girls play video games. And thank you for dropping by! I wonder, does your daughter do different starting zones? Mine seems to like Orc and Troll so far, much to my disappointment (Taurens are the best!)

    2. Oh yeah, she has to check out all the starting zones, although she keeps coming back to the goblin and belf ones because they're pretty. Then she's sad they are horde. Another fun thing to do after creating a character is go to the nearest NPC and poke him repeatedly until he starts saying rude things. Except goblins already start out rude, so it's even funnier.


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