Raiding - Two more down in Highmaul

Tectus and Twin Ogron were defeated on Sunday night by Frostwolves but not before they defeated US a few times!

Tectus has some throwbacks to Morchok, with a big rock dude being broken down into multiple smaller dudes/boulders as you keep hitting him. I wonder how that would be on LFR!

Essentially they were hitting the big rock and running away from the red cloud (which targets a ranged).  There were a few issues in the beginning because DBM wasn't on for a few people and so they didn't realise they had the arrow on their head, but once they figured it out, it was much better. There were rock pillars spiking out of the ground which did damage but easily avoidable (but they also caused LOS issues) and then there was earthquake phenomenon which needed big healing cooldowns to get on top of.  When there were more little rock dudes they did MORE of the bad stuff (red clouds etc) so having so many of them REALLY sucked ass.

Mana sucked ass too.  Rejuv blanketing was not viable and I was very envious of the paladin and priests who had mana to spare at the end of that fight whereas all the druids were OOM.  However, tranquility was a big winner for that fight and I stopped my rejuv spams to focus more on Healing Touch for mana efficiency and NS Healing Touch trying to catch any lows.  Not great healing but it did make my mana last the distance.  That and drinking a pot and using my trinket's on use ability.

We got that down and that was a big relief!

Then it was onto Twin Ogron.  At first, the fire was really bad, killing all of us. Keeping them close to each other was important because when the two ogres were separated they got separation anxiety and hit faster.  Ugh.  So once we stopped worrying about DPSing during the fire phase and just ran and avoided stuff, the fight went MUCH better.  It was ugly for melee, but both those fights were very melee unfriendly.  There was also a charge as well which fortunately didn't kill you but it did do some damage, so I'll need to pay closer attention to that.

The first few attempts were abyssmal but the kill attempt was heaps better and people were recovering nicely after the fire phase as they learned how not to play with fire.

We had a one look at Ko-ragh but there was so much happening (magic debuff everywhere, nullification barriers and supression fields) that we didn't really have a good go at it.  Once again I forgot to take screenshots but my buddy Dragonray was there to do it for me!

It feels weird to raiding Sunday and Monday, but I suppose it's no different to a Wednesday and Thursday.  Raid composition will be different tonight so I will see how it goes.  I will be firm today, and I will not have a weak moment like I did yesterday.  Iron Fist of Navi, as CT says.  Make it so!