Raiding - Highmaul first heroic (though just Kargath)

We were having a bash at Ko'ragh but weren't getting as far as we would like to on the mechanics that there was some thought to going back to Heroic Kargath and seeing if we could get some shinies.

I think we were doing decent progress on Ko'ragh anyway and it would be nice to come back to it next week.  I felt like Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck-it Ralph) because I kept having this bizarre displacement and I had no idea what it was from.

Una kept telling me it was from Alca... and it was from an Engineering thing, Swapblaster.

Anyway the fight was essentially the same, just had a few people dying to a couple of mechanics (which I myself died from as well).  One was the part where he targetted a ranged and then stomped off in that direction mowing down everything in his path.  You are supposed to kite him into one of the fire poles, and it is logical that you would stand near an active fire pole so that you could do that but of course that didn't occur to me - luckily, I was never targetted, but I did get mown down by Bish one time as he wasn't next to a pole.  Ultra said it looked like a horror movie from his side of the room, raid members being hoed down like wheat.  Another thing was to have no ranged standing behind the melee so that there was no chance of Kargath stopping towards the melee and killing them all.

Being chucked up in the crowd was another thing that was a bit funny. Even thought they were together they weren't getting thrown up and sometimes extra people would be thrown up.  They did a decent job up there but I know I still died from those nasty orcs throwing their crap at me.  I wasn't the only one though, even Dragonray complained about it.

It did take a few goes to get it all down pat and it was much better that final attempt, except that poor Luxy got disconnected and couldn't log back in and we had to bring Ultra in.  People were thrown up into the stand in the last bit but they jumped straight back down to burn the boss down.  A bum, coz I really wished she was there to get the kill!

I have had a rethink about how people can attend raids and it will depend on their survivability, raid awareness and damage/healing.  Filtering out because of that will be ugly, but it will probably be necessary and I'll see how people settle into what's left. I hope that people don't fight with me when they don't have any insight into their performance. It will be unpleasant!

People are still a bit lazy.  I had stern words to someone who wasn't gemmed (again!) and also to someone who had MoP gems in their gear.  I don't care if people don't gem appropriately if we're doing farm content but for progress?  BRING your best! Because we all are!

Which reminds me I need to update EP for people who sat out and were available to raid the whole night:

Thursday - 200 EP for ChosenX, Koda, Hwired (Wijji isn't really a raider)
Sunday - 200 EP for Kel, Siness, Brahski (Zura isn't really a raider, was going to make him a Sunday person)
Monday - 200 EP for Kyjenn, Disco

If you are being "chosen" to sit out for a raid, you will get bonus if you turn up for the raid and are available.  If you don't logon because you know you're not needed then that doesn't count because... what if I need you??


  1. What about me on Thursday night!
    - Hwired

  2. It was fun to hear you again going WoW with the girls...

  3. ugh Im so anti social.... I have my back to the camera! :P


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