PvP Fridays are back!

There's been tons of enthusiasm about PvP and I've been secretly happy about that - I've worried about Shab being bored with nobody to PvP with whilst we are raiding.

I did a couple of arenas on Thursday night with Sev to test the waters and double DPS teams were the only teams that we had a better chance of beating, as long as we survived the initial burst.  Melee healer combos were tough and I have to say that I really do like the 2 set PvP bonus with Barkskin activating a nature's grasp.

Unfortunately Sev was visiting his parents so no Friday PvP for him.  Brahski and Siness were waiting for Sunny to get on so they could do 3s but in the meantime we did random Battlegrounds.

BGs were good - Horde had a good night and we only lost one game.  Deepwind Gorge can be a bit hit or miss if people aren't playing well.  I keep hoping we do RBGs but we need to get 10 people together to be able to do that, and hopefully be able to play as a team.

Shab wanted to do some arenas so we did a few but as he's noted watching a lot of PvP streams, casters have been a little bit on the weaker side.  We did win a couple - I only really remember the double DK team we faced - and Shab was needing a ton of gear. I was yelling at Shab to use iceblock but he was a tunneling a bit.Duck was still around doing BGs, and so we went together and won a few more BGs.  Sars popped in and we grabbed him for BGs too, and it was a nice run.  We educated Duck on the how fun flag carrying BGs were - all you need is a pet healer and good teammates, and Duck did most of the flags and enjoyed himself whilst Shab and Sars went and did EFC smashing.

Shab, Duck and I had queued for Ashran at around 9pm after one of our BGs, and around 2 and half hours later we managed to all get into Ashran.  Shab was the last to get in and he was torn - 45 seconds till he won that BG, or should he take the Ashran queue?

There's no choice really. TAKE THE QUEUE!

The three of us then went around Ashran doing the mini objectives and doing the events as they popped up.  They had a great time and the mini objectives get finished so quickly but the honour and conquest is nice!  They also managed to get a Grand Marshal kill and were pretty chuffed at getting so many Ashmaul strongboxes and gear.

Molten Quarry - Collect Empowred Ore
Hopefully this is the start of a regular PvP Friday group so there will always be something to do!  I think Sev should ask Santa for a good internet connection for his parents - felt bad that he missed out on all the fun.