Raiding - Yay Mythic SoO cleared by the end of Expansion!

I had high hopes for today!  I had a wonderful surprise, seeing Jazz and Nath on this afternoon, as it meant we would have two of our normal raiders on!  Dragonray, however, said she was going to be away, so that was a bit of a shame, because I had a really good feeling about tonight!  Brahski told me he would be on... and said he would renew his sub, but he never showed.

We went through again what we had to do for Malice, and the groups were split accordingly.  People knew now to move in and out of malice and also to run like hell when those yellow swirls appeared.

On our first attempt for the night the Iron star spawned and I thought it was on me because all I could see was IRON STAR ON MY ASS!  But it turned out that it was on one of the hunters but it felt like it was on me because I was trying to run away from it and I got mowed down like grass.  I wasn't the only one - Kahrax was standing next to me and he thought it was on him as well!

The second attempt went a lot better in many ways - no extra adds in first phase, only 3 people didn't get a bubble buff in Temple transition, and only one person died in P4 (Duck.. again!).  It was looking good, we all were living and OMG it was screams all through vent as we got it down.

All of us who got the achievement got a BoA - which was very exciting!  Then loot came around, and all the loot was taken!

2 mounts dropped and we had the people who had done 20+ raids rolling on the mounts - and there were two rolls of 100!  Can you guess?

Lushen rolled a 100.  Now WHY DOES THAT NOT SURPRISE ANYONE??  But Jazz was the other 100 roller and it was pretty exciting to get our first mounts :D

Yay Frostwolves!  What a fantastic end to the expansion :D  Well done guys, I am really really REALLY pleased and proud of every member of the raid!


  1. Congrats on the kill.

    You know, here in the US, the date makes it look like you cleared it in march. ;)

    1. Lol thanks Elf :)
      I have always wondered why would you put month before date? It seems illogical unless you put year at the front. But it would be unfortunate if we got it on the 9th November I guess.

    2. I think it comes from reading left to right and top to bottom. When you read a calender the month is on top, so you say that first, then the date is listed in the middle with all the other days so you say that second and the year is at the bottom so you say that last.

      So basically it is saying it as you would read it. Today is November 3rd 2014 which translates into 11/3/14. Seems logical to me. But whatever you grow up with will always seem most logical to you.

    3. But you see what I'm saying, right? It's like days are the smallest denominator, then months then years, so that's why date month year makes sense to me. Year month date would work well too though. Kind of like saying something costs 12gold 24 silver and 13 copper. In American it would be like 12 gold 13 copper and 24 silver. But I am always happy when I see american dates and one of the numbers is bigger than 12!

  2. Huzzah! Congrats Frostwolves and congrats Navi for holding your team together all the way to the bitter end!

  3. Congrats! That must feel great to finish.


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