Raiding - The Last Raid of the Expansion!

We had a big turnout for raid on Monday night.  I had said that this would be our last raid and that if people wanted to PuG raids on Wednesday.  I already said I was going to sit out, and I wished I could be there for the last raid of the expansion, but it was for a good cause.  The biggest bum was that Tenshi couldn't get into the raid, but he was late, and I didn't know he was coming and also Falln I sat out because he hasn't really been raiding and if he was desperate for a kill I'd let him go, but he wasn't hugely fussed about it.

Anyway, it turned out to be a one shot and the lucky mount winners were Crooked and Nath.  And so we had to take a pic at this last raid...

Farewell Pandaria - good riddance Siege of Orgrimmar!  Can't believe we have been doing you for 14 months!!!  But I am happy we managed to do Garrosh eventually - even if it was after 6.0!

Warlords of Draenor is almost upon us, and the race will be on!  Who will be the first to 100?  I think we should do some guild bets here :D

I think the top three would be Exray, Luxy and Duck!  I think we should have some sort of prize for the winners and their predictions!


  1. I will probably sleep, I doubt I will be one of the first! Depends how leveling feels!

    1. Lol and yet, you were one of the top 3!


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