An unrecoverable error :(

I have been so excited about fishing lately that I have gone back to carrying my tacklebox around with me to hold all my fishing stuff and everything fishing goes into that bag.

I fish up a lot of other stuff, including low level fishing rods, waterwalking potions, various baubles and lures to increase my fishing skill.  I also keep all my fishing hats, boots and rods in there as well. The problem is that at the end of the day I have to remind myself to vendor all the other junk that I pickup that fills up the bag like stranglekelp, various weeds and skulls.

So I went to fish a few days ago, and realised I couldn't find my Arcanite Fishing Rod.  I checked in my bank.... not there.  Uh oh... I know exactly what happened to it.  I must have vendored it with all the low level fishing poles the night before when I was cleaning up my fishing bag.

Unfortunately, since we moved to Australian servers, armory doesn't work the the battlenet restore items doesn't work either.  I was frantic, upset, teary even!  I love my fishing rod - it is the best rod in the game!  So I sent a ticket in and a few days later I got a response
What's up, Navimie! 
I'm Game Master Sprengloe and I want to thank you for reaching out for help with your missing Arcanite Fishing Pole issue. I hope your day is going well and thank you for being patient while waiting for us to get to your ticket. ^(O.O)^ 
As requested, I pulled your account records and spent time digging through them to find your Arcanite Fishing Pole. It appears the item information has been erased from the records because I was not able to locate any records for them =( I understand the fishing pole is extremely difficult to obtain which is why I know this loss is huge. 
I'm sure you're familiar with this already, but in a general sense our logs hold deleted item and character information for a certain amount of time before that information is purged. When information has been purged from the records, we no longer have a means of verifying what happened to it. This is also true for characters that have been deleted. After a period of time, characters are wiped from the account and our records. We no longer have a means of verifying what happened to it so we are unable to restore it.
I know this isn't the best of news but I really hope this information helps out even if just a bit and I hope you have a great rest of the day. Take care now and stay awesome! /wave
- Sprengloe
I was so sad.  Luxy said to me I can go and get it again which is true, it's not like some limited edition thing that I lost that I can't ever get again.  But in the meantime I will use the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole and mourn the loss of my dear fishing rod, a momento of my carelessness!  Here are some pics of me with my beloved fishing rod... forever may you rest in the nether.


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    1. But it might be a deleted toon so they can't verify it. Sigh :(

  2. That is a great looking fishing rod. I'm glad you have so many pics to remember it by.


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