Sad that I am a Brawler but not a Proven Healer

It's the eve of the patch, and many of us are sitting there thinking about all those things we didn't do...

... it's a little bit like someone diagnosed with cancer or some other terminal illness.  All those things we didn't do when we had the time and now when time is running out, we dwell on what could have been.  Which is why we should never put off till tomorrow what we can do today.

Luxy was determined for me and McTacky to get our last Brawler items.  For the longest time he and I were missing one part of the Collect Your Deck - the Vial of Reddish ooze.  It drops in scenarios from the Greater Cache of treasures and we lamented ever getting it because it just did not drop.  So on Saturday, Luxy and McTacky did an intensive scenario run with up to 50 scenarios.  Luxy managed to get 5 Vials of Reddish Ooze.  Tacky got none.

He was, to say the least, just a little disheartened.  I don't blame him.  I dislike scenarios at the best of times and running them over and over... ugh.

So on Sunday we decided to try again.  Tacky and I did a couple and then whispered to each other about how we would tell Luxy we had done 10 scenarios when really we had done only two. Suddenly, Crooked said he would come with us, and grudgingly me and Tacky went along.

He and I had taken to opening our caches together.  Luxy has this funny thing she does where she collects a whole heap then opens them all at once for a perceived better drop rate.  We didn't have her patience.  So after our first scenario with Crooked he and I were saying "Three, two, one - opening.  Did you get it?" whereas Crooked said "Oh no...."

"What?" I said. "Don't tell me..."
"Oh my GOD, he got it!" said Tacky.  Sure enough.  There in the loot chat was Crooked looting a Vial of Reddish Ooze.

"No wonder we can't get it," I grumbled to Tacky.  "They keep getting it."
"Can we stop now?" said Tacky.

"Nooooo!" said Luxy.  "Keep going!"

So we queued again.  We changed who was the leader of the group and made them queue for luck, of course.  The stupid superstitious things that we do!

Loot time.  OMG Tacky got his Vial!  YAY!  We cheered, and I said "So, we can stop now?"

"No, Navi," said McTacky.  "We have to keep going till you get yours."

"It's not dropping!" I said.  "And I need to AFK a sec, I need a 10 minute nap so I can do more."

"They can queue without you," said Luxy, "And you can just afk and get the cache."

"Yeah! We can do that!" said Tacky.  OK, I felt bad making them do it, but it was a waste of time IMO.  It wasn't going to drop.

My 10 minute nap turned into a 25 minute nap and when I got back I was at the character screen.  "We got you three caches!" said Tacky.

I opened the first one.  Nothing there.  What a surprise.  I opened the second one.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It was real!  There it was, a Vial of Reddish Ooze.

"I got one!" I squealed.

"Yay!" cheered Luxy, Crooked and Tacky.  And so off we went to do some Brawlers, doing some challenge cards.  I managed to get Splat, Bear and the Lady Fair, and Mecha-Bruce.

Monday night rolled around and raid finished early so I went to Brawlers to see what Tacky was doing.  He was there trying to finish off Deck Your Collection. I still had heaps to do, and so I queued up with everyone else who was trying to finish their achievements.  There were quite a few around.  Tacky coached me through the ones I needed to do, and I watched him finish Mingus Diggs finally, yay!  I was having my usual derpy time - though, amazingly I managed to one shot Grandpa Grummelfoot, Ty'thar, Master Boom Boom, Ro-Shambo and Mingus Diggs - thank goodness I had great coaches! I needed a couple of goes on Blingtron 3000 (the first time I got too excited and stood next to Blingtron as he was being electrocuted and zapped myself DEAD), and LOTS of goes on The Blind Hero and Razorgrin.  Those last two do these horrible frontal attacks but I had difficulty figuring out the directions.  I spent so much time running in and out for Razorgrin like a scaredy cat that I was cutting it super fine on damage and killed it on enrage.  It felt silly dying to a shark flopping on the ground.

Then I did the Now You're Just Showing Off bosses, and they were a little trickier for me.

I started with Zen'shar, this big eye thing and lasers all around, as I had tried him a few times before. Tacky told me the trick of doing North/South and strafe whereas I'd been running all over the place and that worked a treat and he went down.

Then I tried Millhouse Manastorm and Exray had turned up by this stage to watch because he had been online in guild when I got my Deck Your Collection.

"Who woulda thought, Navi would be using a flask AND a pot to DPS?" said Exray.

Who woulda thought Navi would be DPSing, is what I was thinking.

Exray put markers on the ground to help me with Millhouse (as in which totem to kill and where I should stand) and that was good.  Only took me two goes with all that help!

Then I tried Disruptron.  It looked horrible.  Tacky far-sighted me during the fight and took some screenies so I could remember how terrible I was...

Took me a lot of goes and only Luxy was left awake to watch me kill it - but barely. I had one more to go.

"Are you going to do it?" she asked me. "You HAVE to do it! You're nearly done! I don't want to go because then you won't do it."

"I promise I'll do it," I said. I was this close, I had to do it now. By the Earthmother, it was 2am.  This was insanity.  Luxy watched me do a few attempts then she logged off to rest a bit.

There was a rogue still going, and a shaman spectator.  The rogue partied up with me - he was stuck on the Ahoo'ru and he was a little undergeared compared to me, but he was hitting enrage all the time.  The shaman was nice and rezzing me and the rogue everytime we died as we struggled withour bosses.  I was up to Epicus Maximus and I was being a total ninny.  Dying to lasers or not interrupting the blue water spray thing.  For some reason I had gotten it into my head that I needed to do two different interrupts.  I was trying Mighty Bash and Warstomp and Maim to no avail, when all I had to do was skull bash twice.  DUH.

Anyway, at 335am, I finally got it!

Now I could sleep in peace.  Well, almost in peace.  I may be a Brawler but I really wanted to be a Proven Healer.  Do you know that when Proving Grounds came out I was in there almost straight off the bat and I got to round 29 Endless and died that first day?  And since then I had died at the same point, every time.  I am sure if I memorised the routine better I would have done better, but I just couldn't face going back and investing half an hour and failing again!  And yes, it does make me a little ashamed because I pride myself on being a healer but here I am being unable to do this healing thing yet I did this DPS thing.  Anyway, all these things will be gone soon, there will be new proving grounds and I can try again if I wish, so all is not lost.  Just having everyone rub their Proven Healer titles in my face makes me get that little twinge - just a little bit.


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    1. Expansion was like Christmas - you know it's coming but even when it gets here you're still not ready.

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    1. Thanks Tacky! Thanks for the coaching and cheer squad!


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