Raiding - Raiding old, raiding new, Raiders borrowed + subs x2

It was Monday and what are we going to do on a Monday people asked.  Well, I had planned to do Ra-Den, so I hoped everyone was going to be on.

Got everyone from Thursday's raid back on for Ra-Den.  Had to do a bit of digging though. Nathus/Sora had agreed to come again and of course Aimei was tanking with him.  Morz and I were healing and DPSing alongside Nath, Jazz, Luxy and Drauka were Crooked and Haevela.

It's such a funny name Ra-Den.  Some people said "Oh, like in Mortal Combat?"  But that's Raiden. And I keep saying Ra-Men. Yes I know that's Japanese noodles rather than Chinese noodles, but with the whole Asian theme of Pandaria, it kinda fits.  Except that.. it's not Chinese. OK, well enough on that.

I had read about Ra-Den and Sora was a bit glum that we hadn't really read it and expected him to outline - I just was hoping for some more silly jokes really to lighten things up rather than him have to do a full explain.  But it turns out most people had an idea of what to do and watched some videos, but I really wanted to try it first to see what it was like because I never understand a fight just by reading and watching videos, I need to fight it first to get a feel for it.

So there we are talking about how there's this debuff and you can only get it once and so we set up this little musical markers rotation (in alphabetical order!) so that the debuff will be passed to the person farthest away from the boss.  Too many people in the raid starting with Na in my opinion and I let out a half joking protest.  Nathamanz admonished me by saying that it wasn't that hard that T comes before V.  Yes yes yes I am lazy.

And there was something about a red ball.  It does hurt a bit when that thing hits the boss! Apparently you have to let it through sometimes and kill itother times.  Something the DPS can worry about IMO.  Not my problem except healing it when it hurts us all.

So we only have 30 attempts on this thing. I hoped we didn't stuff it up.  I hoped Morz was recording because I certainly wasn't.

So I got the debuff first and so we were doing it in nice order but silly me got in the way of the debuff being passed I think after that first pass and I died.  BLEH.  But, Nath died later too, so I didn't feel so bad. Luxy teased me about the feat of strength for not dying (which I had now stuffed up) but she said I shouldn't feel bad about it since Nath died too.  However, if I had been the ONLY one who died....

Well, I tell you what, I did not expect to one shot that Ra-Den guy.  So yeah, no videos but there were guild achievements and personal achievements. Yay!

So now what?

There was heaps of time left. We decided to do Garrosh since we were resetting next week anyway.  It was all good, but no heirlooms to be had, what a bummer.  Luxy brought her priest and at least took SOME loots from Garrosh.  I think Sora will be just fine tanking the early heroics next week.  I told Crooked and Haevela to turn up for raids next week as their first full heroic raid run, and hopefully they will come.  Dark Shamans will be interesting.  And Malkorok.  I guess we shall be forced to 2 heal Iron Juggernaut again - I was going to let Morz 1 heal it, but not sure if we have the damage (or the DPS!)