Raiding - The last week before patch

It's the last week of raiding before 6.0. Or so it seems. Arena season is officially ending next week which usually means patch is about to hit at the same time.

And it's back to relaxing times raiding. I feel like I had forgotten what raiding was supposed to be like in the guild - which was FUN.  Wiping on heroic Paragons and everyone being miserable about it is not fun. I need to be more mindful of that.  We are not hardcore raiders, we are casual raiders!  FUN is important!  Well, it is to me.  I don't mind the wipes as much as I say I do - I just like complaining loudly about things since I don't want people to forget that I'm not quiet.  Not that anyone could forget that, really.

So we had our Lei Shen group come to raid, and everyone was on time.  It was exciting, and I did feel a little bit rusty - when was the last time I two healed Immerseus and with a different tank and two new DPS?  It could be ugly.

But amazingly, we one shot it.  That's so weird.  Guess we were pretty lucky with that spray.  Crooked and Haevela paid attention to everything, and Sora seemed ok listening to us do our noob directions.  He couldn't help himself, he had to do some talking about the fight mechanics but he apologised to me later for automatically taking over the raid because he was used to raid leading.  I said it wasn't a problem, if it bothered me I would have just told him to shut up.  Morz said it was good that he was trying to lead because nobody is really leading at the moment.  But, he is new to the guild and I don't want to scare him off.

Protectors was messier.  Nathamanz was trying to be a hero and held on to the Anguish just a little bit too long.  Drauka was the opposite and threw it away like a hot potato. But the next time round it was ok.  On to Norushen after that which was also fine and then onto Sha which had some slight hiccups but also, pretty cruisy.  Died more doing the trash for the room than on Sha itself.  So that was nice, new heroics for Haevela and Crooked.  It was also around this time that it was noticed I had done a Sevrus when it came to distributing EP.  Instead of 50 EP every 15 mins, I had put 250 EP. Whoops. Well, that makes up for those other raid days I didn't allocate any EP because I forgot.

Onwards to Galakras which was also quite smooth.  Double ele shaman with double healing tide totems and AG = win!  Then on to Iron Juggernaut which was painful.  We wiped a lot, and Luxy did an I-told-you-so because she said that Crooked could offheal and I refused because I was sure we could do it with double antimagic zone, two healing tide totems and Morz and me.  But, on our last attempt of the night we had Crooked healing and we killed it.  It was funny because during the third knockback during Siege mode was when Crooked was to use his spirit link and he died as he was about to use it and we all had to use personal cooldowns to live. We also lost a tank too (squishy Sora DK) but we got it in the end, and that's all that matters.

Loot wise, we didn't do so good.  Sora got bracers and the Tier chest offspec, and Haevela got some shoes and a weapon.  Nobody else seemed to get anything, I think.  But on Thursday it was Dark Shamans time and Drauka will help tank and Crooked help with the healing.  I was hoping the boys wouldn't be too upset doing things they weren't main specced for.

So Thursday rolls around and guess what - we one shot Dark Shamans.  Then we were off to Nazgrim and we had a few goes but we got it down.  The first attempt a heal went off which was annoying!  Then the rest of the night we were on Malkorok and we got it down after what felt like 10 goes.  Aimei solo tanked the blood rage for the first time, which was great!  I was happy and I think he was too, but it was Sora who told him how it was done, which was great.  In terms of loot, Nath got his legs, Sora got some offspec Tier and Haevela took some shoulders.  That was pretty encouraging!  Anyway, Spoils next... my favourite =/


  1. Great guess on timing for the patch... 14 October the madness begins!


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