Raiding - Being proven wrong on Flex Garrosh

It is SO close to patch that people have so many things they want to do before 6.0 hits and Flex would not be one of them.  However, it is still important to me for all our socials who enjoy doing things with the guild, and I wanted to see what we had.

I had Morz, myself and Koda as partially heroic geared raiders to help push the raid through, and Crooked came as well on Garrosh to help.  Kahrax was on his shaman at first but switched to tank, and Thohand was tanking for the first time in Flex having only done LFR.  Dragonray was there too with Lominari on their mains.

Gunsnbowses, Brae and Kelthal were there (Brae was tanking at first but I made him go hunter) as well as Faithless, and also Malfouti/Endos on his paladin and he brought a friend along whom he himself described as  a "noob raider" so I was going to go gentle on her.

So we only had 13 people and Kel ended up leaving because his net was so bad  We were having a messy time on Blackfuse and I thought that it was a strong indicator of our ability to do Garrosh.  I even said to Morz that this wasn't looking good, but we would see how far we could get.

After another wipe I mentioned we might have to call it, and Kahrax decided to switch from his shaman to his warrior and tank with Thohand, which was good because then I could put Brae on belts (on his hunter) with Guns.  The two of them did very well on belts and we got it down.

Paragons went very well.  I'm not used to marking up the targets, and I was a bit lazy with my healing as I was too busy trying to locate targets to skull and x them.  I should have just turned name plates on, that would have been easier!  Damage was good, people were listening, I thought that Garrosh was worth a shot, though I could imagine that the heroic raiders would not think it was possible.  Two goes, I said, to Morz in officer and also to the raid.

So, we did it our usual way, nothing different, nothing special.  Crooked had gotten on at this time so I dragged him in to help.  Our first attempt was quite solid and I thought it was definitely worth another go.  Perhaps the thought that we were going to give up after the second attempt was enough motivation but it went very very well.  They killed Garrosh!  I was surprised, to say the least, and the numbers were decent so it should have been very doable.  I was pleased because there were a few people who hadn't done it before on Flex, and also our social raiders were doing fantastic at the end of the expansion.  I felt proud of them!  LOL, it's really silly, I should have had more confidence in them and I guess since they are all regular flexers they they know the drill of how to do the boss so it wasn't a big drama at all.  And it is Flex, I hear people say, but even in Flex you still have to have some coordination! I know not everyone agrees but socials make up an important part of what I want in my guild, and activities like this just help bring them together more.

So that was the last Flex before 6.0.  Servers are going down tomorrow!  It's going to be a WHOLE new world on Wednesday.